How you should take your pet in the car according to the DGT

at the time of Travel by our car mascot It is very important to follow a series of tips to ensure your safety at all times. Safety, luxury and comfort all the way. Take some precautions When the dog travels regularly or occasionally in the car. from DGT Set off a series of notifications that will help you pick up your pet in a safe way And also avoid paying a fine for carrying it inappropriately.

The most important point you must have If you have a dog And you carry it in the car is that it should never be loose.

Rules to keep in mind in the car


  • All dogs must be provided corresponding chip.

  • always bear Documenting our pet (An updated official health card stamped by a registered veterinarian). If you are traveling through European Union You will also need to bring your pet’s passport.


  • They should be attached to the car to prevent them from interfering with driving.

  • In line with the above, it should put a separator which prevents him from causing discomfort while driving. Loose dog doubles the stakes ever since You will be expelledThe ability to harm himself or other passengers.

Advice for drivers according to DGT

  • Do not travel with an animal loose in the cabin. It could pose a danger to rescue teams in the event of an accident.

  • Have an appropriate self-control system. Restraint belts, conveyors or spacers Cabins are a few options.

  • Do not put things with the animal.

  • at rest stations Watch your pet And every two hours until the animal hydrates and relieves itself.

  • Never restrain the animal With her leash, she accustoms the animal to the restraint regime.

Car trip accessories

  1. Separation barrier: For your dog to travel as comfortably as possible, the next best thing to do Install a fixed separation barrier that separates the cabin from the trunk. Your pet will travel in the trunk with complete freedom of movement and you will avoid any dangerous distractions behind the wheel if they sneak between the seats. The only problem with this type of separator is that Need a custom install. In addition, you must ensure that the rails are strong enough in case you have an unfortunate accident during the trip.

  2. safety net: Especially if your dog Insomnia, It is very important to have a safety chain in place that helps control their impulses. Very useful accessory safety net, which is placed between the pilot and passenger seats to prevent the dog from sneaking between them. In this way, you will prevent the animal from distracting the driver, and in the event of an accident, a strong impact.

  3. Transport or cage: the carrier or cage It’s a very practical alternative to a barrier, even if your pet is likely to travel more annoying In this type of accessories, especially if the trip is long. Before buying a carrier you should make sure of that Its size is appropriate Designed for your dog.

  4. Dog food: If your pet is very small, a very good option for car travel is Dog seats. This is amazing Attachment in the form of a basket is very convenient, because Protect your pet and provide them with the utmost comfort on board.

  5. harness: Belt is used for Dog restraint in the seats So that you can travel as safely as possible. When purchasing a harness, you must make sure that the size is the right size for your pet.

  6. seat covers: When traveling by car with your faithful companion, you are sure to also worry about Cabin cleaning. to This, some are sold Special protective covers This will help you keep your car’s upholstery in perfect condition.

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