How to stretch or give away your shoes

Everyday life presents us with challenges both small and large. Challenges that we often manage to overcome thanks to the advice of our grandmothers. A very common problem is a problem The shoes are too narrow or too stiff. In addition to a hair dryer and a freezer, to stretch different shoes, slippers and shoes, two types of food that we have in the kitchen can be really exceptional. This way you can use it to Do not spoil the shoe.

Use potatoes to flatten shoes

The potato trick is one of the simplest and most successful. one grab Large potatoes, remove the skin, dry and put inside the shoe. Let her rest 10-12 hours Then remove it. The shoe must take the required size. if it is still tight, Repeat the process the next day.

If for any reason you are not convinced of the above, there are other essentials that can be your lifesaver. Did we just buy our dream shoes online or vintage sneakers that, unfortunately, we realized are just too tight? … Do not be afraid. Let’s open the pantry and get out Wheat grain We make cakes, pies and biscuits.

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Take a handful and put it in a glass of water. Immediately afterwards we fill the shoe with grain and let the wheat work in a shaded area of ​​the house. Moisture enlarges the grain and thus the shoe.

We put the shoes on while they are still damp to remove mold. Now we can dry it quietly. This is suitable for all fabrics except suede.

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Other tricks that work

Many of us use a hair dryer To relieve tight shoes. It’s a trick that works, but not always. The heat of the dryer only matters if the shoe is made of Leather or suede. And anyway you should have it Great care Because there is a risk that they will become boring. For other materials, there are more effective products.

The same goes for the freezer. Our grandmothers taught us to fill bag with water, put it in the shoe Put it in the freezer for a few hours. We can try this remedy for slippers sport or canvas. However, if we use it for more delicate fabrics, we risk irreparably damaging it.

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