How to sleep for free in a hotel in Ibiza? | This is the hotel in Ibiza where you can sleep for free

Search for Affordable hotel It is one of the The main objectives at the time of some plan holidays.

However, a hotel in Ibiza gives The possibility of sleeping one night free of charge for tourists and residents. The only condition: Do not be shy And that you like to be center of attention. Institution that is committed a A very unique experience One is free room located in the hotel lobby, where The walls are glass There is a constant coming and going of people.

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several influencersAnd according to the French newspaper Le Soir, They have already tried this experiment. One of them is YouTuber Dwayne Muffin and the other is TikTok star Olivia Hanley. The latter, who tried out the “Zero Suite” room, explained in it Social media What was there “I made many friends that night & rdquor;. The only drawback? “People pressed against the glass,” says the French media. The influencer pointed out that the bathroom has an opaque door and walls. a reactions Which, according to Le Soir, really is It does not seem to convince netizens. Many admit this dream in this wing It would be his worst nightmare. “It will be like living the dream that you are in theater without clothes ”, Comment moderator. “On the other hand, some are tempted to spend a free night in a nice hotel in Ibiza,” explains the French newspaper.


It’s the Paradiso Ibiza hotel. What does this room offer?n on their website with the following logo: “a glass room in the middle of the hall Paradiso Art Hotel Where you can sleep one night for free. Not suitable for shy people. Also available for Technical presentationsradio shows, DJ sets… The possibilities are endless As long as you like being the center of attention.” If the experiment tempts you, you can Book the room on the hotel website or by e-mail. For the rest, the hotel offers Quite standard rooms… With concrete wallssoundproof and, above all, with a bit of privacy.

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