How to return a receipt to the bank

It is not very common, but sometimes it can happen to us that it is from an entity passing by us receipt wrong or in other cases Utility bills that we have stopped using for a while are now billed to our account. In case this happens to you fee type, You can request a refund from your bank. everybody has The right to return any receiptWhether it is domiciled or not, except for payments Committees or loansunless the bank I was going to make a mistake.

To return this type of receipt, there is a specific time period:

  • In the case of a Domicile receiptwho has permission, is You have a maximum of 50 days (eight weeks) l be able to return it or, where appropriate, reject it from Shipping time.

  • in the other case, If the person has not given his consent For this transition to occur, You will have 13 months to return the receipt. The initial date is determined at the time when it is made Charges are in the user’s checking account.

After returning the receipt, the bank can Refund the amount paid on the invoice or refuse to process and, Continue with the process for paperwork judicial or extrajudicial.

How to return the receipt

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Most entities offer The ability to return receipts Both from the mobile app and from The bank’s website or by phone. Once and return the receipt and the bank, accept return, You will receive the amount in your account within a maximum period of 10 days.

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Must Be frequent in review bank charges To keep up with invoices and expenses that have been collected from us.

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