How to properly bleed coolant | So that no moisture is generated: ideal for heating your home

With the end of summer, everyone is mentally preparing for the arrival of autumn. after Autumn and winter will come for six months from the cold season. To prepare for the arrival of low temperatures, the first thing to do is To do is evaluation condition of the heating system.

while they wait Sitting on the couch With a blanket next to the pellet or wood stove, many seek to check the boiler and radiator. These, in particular, need to be cleaned after sitting idle for months. Therefore, we will see all the steps to empty and clean the inside of the cooler.

Taking care of the things in your home is essential. You need to know, for example, what happens if the boiler pressure is too high. But not only that, you need to know How to regulate the temperature of the refrigerator Why does ice form? All this is necessary for its proper operation and for maintaining the bill.

All steps for emptying and cleaning the cooler from the inside.

How does the cooler work? It is very simple. Geyser It sends hot water entering the cooler from one end. Inside, heat travels from the water to the radiator and the water cools before exiting the opposite end and returning to the boiler. This is the cycle that goes on as you go.

Therefore, to prevent this cycle from breaking or breaking down, the radiator must be cleaned. not always necessary to clean thembut if it is not heated well, if one side remains cold, if brown water comes out, then this is most certainly the case.

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You have here All steps to clean it pOr inside without too much hassle:

  • Turn off the heating and let it cool completely.

  • put something on the floor to prevent it from getting dirty;

  • Close both valves

  • slightly unscrew the nut that connects the thermostatic valve to the radiator;

  • Use a container, dry or sink, and open the purge valve;

  • When the radiator is emptied of dirty water, close the valves.

At this point, half of the job is done. The radiator must be detached from the wall and brought outside. naturally, The previous action was not finally released of dirt inside. Then, once off, attach a hose to the valve inlet and turn on the water flow. This will remove any remaining dirt on the other side.

When the water out is clear, you can put the cooler back into place, being careful to tighten the nuts carefully and open the bleed valve slightly to allow air to escape.

How to avoid the accumulation of dirt inside

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Boiler pressure should always be checked, especially after the radiator has been cleaned. There are two ways to prevent dirty water and sludge from building up inside these devices. The first is to add a file damper for the heating systemwhich is a chemical process Remove unwanted parts. The second is to add a magnetic filter to the boiler.

This filter is called a sludge remover and it can trap rust and Small parts that will clog the system. can be installed before Put the boiler If it is not there, then it is a file Good idea to think about putting it before To install a new boiler when necessary.

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