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Ukraine: A Year of War

This is the story of Juan, an ordinary citizen who on February 24 saw on TV how a war broke out in a place far from Spain. Little by little he was realizing how very costly this struggle would be for him.

Juan, a Spaniard who, like all of us, suffered firsthand from the effects of the war abc


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If a year ago someone thought that the war would only affect Ukrainians, it didn’t take long for them to realize their mistake. It hit us, and often, where it hurt most: in our pockets. John knows wellthe protagonist of the video that heads this report, who, like all of us, is experiencing firsthand the major economic impacts of twelve months of conflict.

Before the Russian invasion, we filled the tank with petrol at €1.48 a litre. Months later it reached 2.15. The butane cylinder has also jumped significantly, going from €17.75 to €19.55. Meanwhile, the average electricity bill rose from 79.11 euros to 105.48: 25 euros more.

In the supermarket, the price of products such as bread, milk or oil has doubled. The latter is one of the most expensive: a liter has gone from 1.46 euros to 3.18. Even the hotel industry wasn’t our refuge: Goods like beer also cost more than a year ago. Even the home renovations were affected.

This is it John’s storywhich is actually a story all of us And how our economy suffered during the first year of the war.

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