How to make an appointment to file your Navarra 22-23 income tax return in person, online and over the phone

campaign Income statement It is already underway all over the national territory. In the community of Foral in Navarre there are certain differences in relation to the rest of Spain. In Navarra, it is the administration itself that submits a proposal for return, and it is the taxpayer who must decide whether to accept it or not and submit the draft.

Navarrese who got some Minimum gross income of 12,600 euros during 2022 They have to submit income statement on mandatory basis. The Income and Heritage campaign began in Navarre on April 12 and will continue until June 23.

The first thing to do Is to check whether the Treasury of Navarre has made an offer. If so, accept it if the data is correct. Where you do not agree, a new advertisement must be issued or simply rejected if there is no obligation to make the advertisement. If there is no proposal, a new declaration must be issued.

Make income statement online in navarra

From the same day that the term for submitting the declaration began, taxpayers can enter the renta.navarra.es web page and can now submit it online. to reach , DNI + PIN, Cl@ve or digital certificate required The advertiser, as well as the spouse if joint.

To make the process easier, the Navarra Treasury Department provides advertisers with a campaign guide with updated regulations for the IRPF. In addition, the phone is available 948106106 to answer questions.

Make an income statement by phone in Navarra

who wishes Make the statement over the phoneThey will have to ask cPrevious itinerary. This appointment can be requested from the 14th day, but must be made online after arrival using an electronic ID, digital certificate or cl@ve. Dates can be specified From the 18th. As specified on the Navarre Treasury website, on the designated day and time, the qualified worker will contact the taxpayer at telephone number 948106106.

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Make the income declaration in person in Navarre

Finally, the statement can also be made Personally. To do it this way, you also need a prior appointment. This can be obtained from the Internet or at Phones 948505505 and 948505506.

Once the date and time has been chosen, the declarant will have to go to the corresponding office with all the documents.

  • Central Treasury Office in Pamplona (Calle Esquíroz, 20 bis)

  • Office of the Regional Treasury of Tudela (Plaza Sancho El Fuerte, 8)

  • Office of the Regional Treasury of Estella (Plaza Coronacion, 2)

  • Office of the Regional Treasury of Tafalla (Calle Cuatropea, 4)

  • Office of the Regional Treasury of Santisteban (Calle Santa Lucia, 6)

The Navarra Treasury expects this campaign to return 60.7% of the proceeds. next to, Next April 19 the amount will be refunded About 105 million euros.

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