How to hire without going through the HR team

Three out of four Spanish companies are having difficulties finding the profile they need in the current job market, according to a report by KPMG and the Princess of Girona Foundation. In this context, Chancellor Abby proposes a new recruitment system called “functional dating”, which aims to move away from the classic selection process based on interviews between the candidate and the human resources workers.

“At a time when there is talk of a talent shortage, the selection processes are neither profitable for the company nor beneficial for the interviewees,” explains Rami Assaf, director of Romanian resources at the Abiy branch in Spain. Assaf comments on this Contract failures arise from traditional processes: “Companies make mistakes and hire the wrong candidate or take too long to find the right person. Also, many job seekers have difficulty getting interviews because they get stressed.”

For this reason, the consultant adheres to a candidate-centered hiring process Fits with the “core” of the company vice versa. Thus, they organize an event in which the applicants participate in group workshops in which their abilities are measured. The next event will take place tomorrow, May 23, at the Sweet Space Museum in Madrid. These events consist of various tests that analyze the applicants’ ability to work as a team and the way they think and explain themselves in front of the camera.

What’s unique about this procedure is that, in these team dynamics, the participants are not accompanied by HR staff – who are usually responsible for hiring – but by the company’s own advisors. “In these workshops, the candidates are divided into groups. Each of these consists of Five candidates and two employees representing the company.” Assaf details. The idea of ​​these dynamics is for the participants to discuss topics suggested by the staff.

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“The interesting thing is that applicants have the possibility to interact with their future colleagues. They can ask them about the daily workflow of the company and talk about issues that don’t usually come up in an interview,” says the manager. The company also notes that once the event is over, they agree to award Participants’ response in 48 hours. They state that this is one of the “strengths” of the initiative.

gap in the labor market

According to the report published by KPMG and the Princess of Girona Foundation, 75% of companies in Spain report that they are having problems integrating the talent they need into their workforce. This figure rises to 84% in large and to 93% in the case of technology companies. This circumstance worries the respondents – 106 companies and 117 young people – who consider the lack of talent to be one of the main risks to the sustainability of their business.

In the face of this problem, according to the survey, 52% of young people and 42% of companies think that Academic preparation of the generations entering the labor market are not adequately adapted to the needs of the market.

Juanjo Cano, President of KPMG in Spain, He adds, “There is a gap between the skills that companies demand and the training that young people receive.

Francisco Belil, President of the Princess of Girona Foundation, concludes that “companies today increasingly value the cognitive abilities of candidates: their ability to think critically and creatively, to communicate, to innovate, …”. He points out that “all of these controls it do not acquire at the university ». For Pelil, the solution lies in “finding better labor guidance policies to fight youth unemployment”.

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