How to get you to buy more Mercadona | An expert reveals Mercadona’s technology so you can spend more and more when you shop

Every time Spend more in your Mercadona shopping cart. It is the indestructible supermarket. The series headed by Juan Roig is the series with the highest market share. According to another quintal data In a study revealing that Valencian institutions attach a 25.3% of the share. Being more than three times what Carrefour has.

with a rise prices due to inflationOur purchases have been reduced, which made us Low purchase volume. This means that the benefits of supermarkets, especially Mercadona, have been affected. This made Mercadona develop a series of tricks to get us to spend more money on purchases.

Some of these tricks already exist March on other supermarkets. However, there are others that are only being put into practice by the Valencia supermarket chain.

Fresh products

Mercadona is a big difference compared to its competitors in terms of Placement of muralsAny fruits and vegetables. Unlike the rest of the supermarket competition, all Mercadona stores have fruits and vegetables as soon as you enter. a The decision that deceives the customer and benefits the chain. With this, they not only present an image of well-being and health, but also They save a lot of money. If fresh products are placed at the end, it will be very convenient for consumers, but it will not be good for supermarkets, because many of these products They will be lost. By putting it in the beginning, you get customers to buy more fresh produce.

Your brand is more important

The Valencian chain’s commitment to the Hacendado and its economical price is what allows them to do this Income increase. While the private label never stops growing, More than 70% of Mercadona’s sales are of its own brand products.

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In addition, another strategy they use is to exalt their brand over other manufacturers, as Mercadona also places Hacendado, Bosque Verde or Deliplus products in the best places in their establishments.

Mercadona always promotes its own brand more than that of maker. It does this by better positioning its products on store shelves.

Another trick that Mercadona uses is that used by the supermarket chain Succeed is the news. Practically every week, Mercadona consumers will be able to purchase several new items per week in supermarkets. The Social networks play a very important role, especially Instagram and TikTok. Two social networks full of videos of people going into stores to see what’s new.

Basic products, down the hall

When we go to Mercadona and want to get milk, bread or eggs, we have to Walk all the lanes of Mercadona for you to find.

The chain places everyday necessities, such as those above, as far back as possible to force the user to go through the entire supermarket to get to that point. This is very effective when, for example, you have spent a lot of time and the basket is full.


Supermarkets play a lot with our senses when making purchases. This is called Neuromarketing. One of the senses they try to trick the most is sight, which is why playing with lighting is crucial.

They use more defined and lighter lighting so that the product looks more fresh, while in meat they try to use more reddish lighting to enhance that reddish color.

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Perfumery is one of the most expensive departments. This is why the lanes of Mercadona are much more lit warm lights For highlighting creams, make-up and perfumes. In addition, all this is also arranged at eye level, to make it more visible and accessible to the consumer.

Mercadona song

Juan Roig with his stellar song. This is the success that Mercadona achieved in 2014 and decided to record it. This melody is part of the DNA of the series.

The average time a user spends in a supermarket or hypermarket is about 1 hour. Through the use of music, this duration can be lengthened or shortened. For example, in rush hour, they usually play fast music so that the customer buys thoughtlessly and gracefully. However, when the place is empty, the music should be softer and more relaxing. Mercadona makes its users feel Safe, comfortable and fun place. Also, it usually rings quite often. The company is usually accompanied by a voice reviewing all sections of the store and the available products, causing the consumer to wander all the aisles and end up buying more.

last purchase

Mercadona has it too Last minute purchases in their boxes. Here we find chewing gum, batteries, chocolate and razors. We need many things, but in the end we always forget to take them. For this reason, in order not to lose a penny, Mercadona and the rest of the chains solve the problem for us by putting these products in the box. Products, such as chewing gum, that are not part of our shopping list.

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When we are bored, we look at these products that surround us, usually at a high price, which generates a need and we end up putting them in the shopping cart.

The profitability of supermarkets lies in the fact that their users go to their stores several times a week. institutions and purchasing. This is why Mercadona, like the rest of the chains, uses a A series of resources so that every time you go shopping, you end up taking home some other product that didn’t appear on the list.

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