How to Get Rid of Fuzz Fast: Mercadona’s New Product

Often we have Favorite items of clothing tend to wear out with use. If the material is not of the best quality, it will speed up this process and defects will appear sooner. One of the most uncomfortable things that happen is when balls start to form and Lint builds up on the fabric. That’s why, just as it’s so important to spend time in the closet to rearrange it, gain space, and prevent clothes from wrinkling, checking the condition of clothes can help make it easier to realize what we really want.

Sometimes the solution is out of the question Take all the clothes out And reorganize them to generate a sense of space, cleanliness and order. Throughout the process, it’s also important to pay attention to another element: the clothes you wear and the clothes you don’t. Maybe there are clothes that you don’t even remember saving that no longer fit your style.

So get rid of them by donating them, selling them second hand, or recycling them. It is the first step to save space and make room for other clothes that you will buy from now on.

there are many Network scams To be able to leave the clothes on the first day and put an end to all the problems. Platforms like Tik Tok have countless videos where home remedies are shared without having to pay money. In the case of lint from clothes, for example, use insulating tape. Put tape on the sticky part on the affected areas and give small touches so that the spots stick little by little.

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Some choose to use a A razor blade To pull it out and take it off little by little. If you don’t mind making a small financial outlay, you can choose to use a file cylinder Especially to remove them, which you can find on Amazon for less than two euros, and which you can buy in any Mercadona supermarket under the Bosque Verde brand.

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There are also some machines It runs on batteries and performs the same function automatically. You can find all this on the shelves of Mercadona.

Two basic household hacks can also be used in this case: vinegar and bicarbonate. You can choose one of them when you put the washer in from then on A few scoops can help clothes stop releasing lint.

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