How to get it and what you should keep in mind

As of the first weekend in April, the Renfe passes are free For Cercanías, Rodalies and Media Distancia. These tickets will allow users to travel during this second quarter between May 1st and August 31staccording to the railway company in a statement.

Thus, the measure already implemented by the government last year to encourage the use of public transportation and which the Cabinet agreed to extend to 2023 last December, will remain in force. Now, the company will be showing these again freestyle ride For users who fulfill the conditions required by the regulations and whose management will be available throughout the validity period of the addresses.

To these is also added 50% off Avant subscriptionswhich receives the same reduction as other high-speed routes declared under OSPs.

In addition, among the novelties included in the plan, the operator decided to launch a recurring subscription to Media Distancia services designed for Children under the age of 14 who do not have an ID. A parent or guardian may obtain, through NIF, NIE or passport, up to four entry passes of one origin and destination.

But how do you get Cercanías and Media Distancia season tickets? What conditions must be met by applicants who want to receive Renfe services for free?

How to get free RENFE permits?

This service is for Frequent usersTherefore, in order to achieve this, it will be necessary to follow the conditions set by the railway company.

These include the need for performance At least 16 trips In the stipulated four-month period and leave a deposit until it is confirmed that improper use of the service is not practiced. Cercanías and Rodalies clients will have to do that Leave the bond 10 euros, while those for Media Distancia leave 20 euros.

The deposit will be returned once the requirements set by the company are met at the end of the subscription validity period. If you paid by card, the refund will be done automatically, while if you paid with cash, you can get your money back at the station ticket offices.

In the event that Renfe considers that you have made a Misuse of the address, such as not canceling flights in advance, will notify you twice. On the third day, the subscription will be canceled and you will lose the deposit.

Managing free Renfe passes is very simple and can be done through Renfe Cercanias application Or, in the case of Media Distancia cards, from the Renfe website and other usual sales channels, such as stations, vending machines, etc.

If you do this through the app, you will get a file QR code It will be downloaded to your mobile phone and you will have to use it in the terminal controls to access it.

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