How to get a good performance | This is how you should clean the freezer so that it does not accumulate ice

To avoid and achieve it freezer Longer lasting It is important that you do good maintenance. clean and Ice build-up removal It is essential to extend its life and ensure that the quality of frozen foods is maintained. It is advisable to do this, at least, once a month.

to eliminate the formation ice in the freezerIt must be thawed. But you won’t need to access it ice crush Or that you have to wait hours for it to dissolve.

All you have to do is separate from the electrical outlet and store all foods in special bags to ensure low temperatures are maintained. while heating a A little water in a pot and as soon as it starts to boilPut it in the freezer. Close it and wait 15 minutes.

And so the excess ice melted. You just have to remove the water that has formed in the meantime. To avoid damage, it is recommended to put a A piece of cloth in front of the freezer before closing the door.

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