How to clean your house in record time

  • We teach you how to leave your home clean in no time and practically without effort

After an intense day at work, the last thing you want to come home to is start cleaning. However, you no longer have excuses because here we propose a series of tricks to make your home look amazing hardly any effort. Take note!

Have a suitable toolkit on hand

To save as much time as possible cleaning the house, you should always have the right tools and product on hand. In this case We will use several homemade mixtures, It is cheaper and less polluting. the vinegarAnd the Baking soda and lemon juice will be your best allies. If you have the mixes prepared in spray cans, you will save time and make house cleaning much easier.

First of all: get the order

Before you start cleaning like crazy, consider that if there’s anything worse than dirt, it’s a mess. Order things that are out of place, with a special focus on spaces in the house where there may be guests. You could Arrange the rooms one by one while cleaning it or doing so The whole house at once Then clean every room.

You can use a basket to put everything that is not in a room into it and be able to order it later.

Effortless bathroom cleaning hacks

Start by cleaning a file tiles With the same mixture that you used in the kitchen: vinegar with hot water. Spray the solution on them and let it work for a few minutes. Meanwhile, wipe the same mixture over the bathtub, bidet, sink, and shower to remove waterline stains and grime. Another option is to use baking soda and lemon juice.

To remove scale stains that can accumulate in the toilet, it is best to use a metal sponge Soaked in alcohol or hot vinegar.

The shower screen, mirrors, and any other glass you have in the bathroom can also be cleaned with a little vinegar diluted in water. If you don’t want to scratch the mirror, try cleaning it Some newsprint.

How to clean the kitchen in a jiffy

the microwave oven It is usually one of the most forgotten parts when cleaning the kitchen, although it is one of the parts where the most fat accumulates. But getting rid of this dirt is very simple if you follow the next trick, which you can also use Cleanse your sponge

Fill a bowl with a little water and add some lemon slices to it. Place the scrubber in it, making sure it is completely soaked in the water, then put it in the microwave for 1 minute. This way you will not only eliminate germs from the pad, but also It will also make the fat inside the microwave soften Steam so that it is easy to remove after a short time with a cloth. Also, while the bowl is in the microwave, you can devote yourself to doing other things.

to remove dirt from Ceramic cooker and countertopIt is enough to use a degreaser. But if you want something natural and homemade, try cleaning the kitchen with a little vinegar in hot water and rubbing the solution in with a cloth or sponge. If you are having trouble removing grease, use a little baking soda with a few drops of lemon juice.

For kitchen tiles, it is advised to use an industrial product or hot soapy water and a splash of vinegar to make them sparkle. Dust that accumulates on pictures, frames and ceilings lOr the ideal is a feather duster.

Tricks for cleaning rooms

Start by making the bed, shaking the mattress and sheets well. Then repeat the same process on the furniture and glass as in the living room. Pick up all the dirty clothes That you have across the room to take it to the washing machine.

the soil

If you want to clean the floors of the house effortlessly, then the Vacuum Cleaner It is your great ally whether on rugs, carpets, tiles or parquet. After passing it, you can clean the tile floor in the kitchen or bathroom using the mop, this great Spanish invention.

How to clean the living room and dining room in a few minutes

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To get rid of dirt from windows and glass in the living room (and, by the way, from any part of the house), use a cloth dampened in hot soapy water. You can try Dry them with another dry cloth Or with a bit of newspaper so there are no marks.

The same Soapy cloth The one you used on the windows also works to remove dust from the furniture in the living room. But if you want to avoid this step in the future, try applying a thin layer of wax to it so it doesn’t accumulate dust.

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