How to clean stove glass and make it spotless

If you have decided to have a wood fireplace or extension in your home, it is definitely because you love the sight of fire and the sensation of heat imparted by the flame. The goal of this fireplace is to create a cozy atmosphere, as it will encourage the whole family to gather around the fire.

Therefore, this environment can be cloudy if your stove glass is dirty. It will give a sloppy feeling that you definitely don’t want to have, and of course it will prevent you from seeing the flames clearly. When the chimney is in operation, it is normal for soot to build up and build up, so you must be careful to clean it out periodically.

Home hack for cleaning stove glass

There are several specific stovetop glass cleaning products that can help. Some specialized sites also suggest that you can use a specific oven product, due to its great degreasing ability, and even a very strong window cleaner.

But if you’d rather opt for “homemade” cleaning, you only need one thing: newspaper. Yes, this paper can be used to get rid of all the dirt on that glass. And it is that in other cleaning tricks for cleaning the windows of your house, we have already told you that with this paper they will be shiny.

But the key here is also found in another element of the hearth: ash. You should collect and sift some of the ash from the stove (the goal is not to find any foreign objects inside). Make a ball with newspaper and moisten it slightly with water. Next, you soak it in sifted ash and rub the glass well. You will see how all the dirt and soot will disappear from your glass and you can see the flames very clearly.

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