How to clean crystals easily and conveniently in one minute

if it was rain Window panes are regularly stained with deep annoyance to the last person who took care of them clean windowsHowever, the rain with hanging dust or fog that usually occurs in many parts of Spain completely destroys this interior job, leaving a depressing look for those who want clean, curious windows and shiny glass, whether at home) or in the car.

If this is your case, do not despair, because with a little effort you can get rid of all that dirt, Easily clean glass And back to the windows that the whole neighborhood envied. And all with natural products that you definitely have at home or that you can find very easily: Water, alcohol (cleaning) and white vinegar.

How to clean windows quickly and easily

To get back into existence Impressively clean, glare-free glass and windows You have to follow some simple steps. Next, we explain what you should do and how to apply some cleaning tricks, but not only for window care at home, but you can also act in the same way to clean car windows: the results in both cases will be excellent.

First of all, if mud or dirt has stuck to you crystalsIt is necessary to remove this soil with the help of a dry cloth so that when rubbing the glass, a smear that greatly hinders your work does not form. If you pass it on later wet cloth Once again a dry cloth, you will leave the surface ready to clean the glass effectively. That is, although you think that doing this will take more time from you, in reality it will take only a few minutes and will greatly facilitate the task, otherwise you will have to rub more.

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Once your windows are clean of dirt, dust or grime, make it cheap and simple Homemade mix to make your crystals sparkle. You only need to use three products to get a file Effective window cleaner:

  • 1 cup water (if you live in valencia and it is lime free, it is better)

  • 1 cup of alcohol (It is recommended to use cleaning alcohol)

  • 1/2 cup white vinegar

To make your work easier, you can use the empty sprayer you have available (a bottle of other cleaning products will do, although you should wash it beforehand to prevent the products from mixing) so that the window cleaner is well distributed all over the surface of the window. Next, spread the mixture with a microfiber cloth and scrub the entire surface. This way, you will prevent the lint from sticking and the crystals will definitely be clean without having to go over them.

If you want to use newspaper instead of a microfiber cloth, this is better because it will be easier to remove dirt and rub the glass without leaving any lint on the surface, which will obviously improve the end result of your work. If later, already with clean crystals and dry it, you want to pass a dry cloth again (make sure it doesn’t contain any lint), you can do that, but it won’t be necessary because The crystals will be absolutely shiny and without traces Reflections or spots. check it.

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