How to claim the €200 aid if it does not arrive

Within 15 days the collection period expires 200 euro help Which targets vulnerable families with a low level of income and wealth to face price increases due to inflation.

The last day to request this check was March 31, 2023. As specified by the IRS on its website, term for entering said amount (always if accepted for help) Three months from the expiry date to submit the form.

This means that if the last day to request help is March 31, The last payments must be made on June 30th. However, as announced by the Minister of Finance, María Jesus Montero, a large amount of aid has already been paid.

Although there are still days left until this period expires, there are two ways to file a complaint with the IRS if you disagree with the decision.

How do you check if the application has been accepted?

The first thing to consider in this regard is that the IRS itself has a portal available to applicants where they can find out the status of assistance processing. This can be done through the electronic headquarters of the State Tax Administration Agency, after getting acquainted with Cl @ ve, certificate or DNI-e.

On the other hand, the IRS states that the deposit is made by bank transfer. They stressed that “after a period of three months has elapsed from the end of the period for submitting the form without making payment, it may be understood that the application has been rejected.”

How to claim the €200 aid if you have not received it

But, what happens if an applicant is considered to meet all requirements and assistance has not arrived after June 30th or AEAT notifies them that it has been denied?

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For this, IRS details two mechanisms through his website.

  • Appeal for replacement: within a month and optionally, before the office where the administrative procedure for the appeal comes from, stating that no economic-administrative case has been initiated against it.

  • Economic-administrative action: within one month from the day following notification of the contested act or the day on which it may be understood that the previous procedure or appeal has been rejected. It will be directed to the administrative authority that issued the required deed.

The main requirement for collection of this €200 check must not exceed €27,000 in full income and €75,000 in assets as of December 31, 2022.

Likewise, those on a minimum vital income or a pension paid for by the public system, private social security schemes or a state negative class scheme may not be beneficiaries.

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