How much will the treasury take out if I win the children’s lottery?

this is Jan 6 Another year was celebrated Children’s lottery draw, where once again luck was on the side of some lucky ones who got some prizes being distributed. the 700 million euros They have become at stake one of the great incentives for millions of Spaniards to participate every year in this draw.

the First prize From the children’s lottery 200.000 euros were distributed to every tenth award recipient, whereas The second prize 75,000 euros and handed over Third, 25,000 euros. For a smaller amount, then Approaches, terminations, and extraction They also let several citizens take one of these pinches.

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However, even if we are one of the lucky ones in the children’s lottery, the amounts to be distributed may not reach our hands completely due to tax authority. But how much money does the IRS keep from kid’s lottery prizes? What prizes are tax deductible?

Money held by the treasury from the child’s lottery prizes

According to Law No. 16/2012, lottery prizes and betting of the state and autonomous communities are subject to taxation through a “Special Tax” of 20% As long as these exceed 40,000 euros.

As specified, persons who took the 10th prize in the first or second prize in the Children’s Lottery will have to pay this tax. Thus in the event of a jackpot win, The net amount will go from €200,000 to €168,000That is 32,000 euros. On the other hand, 7,000 euros will be kept by the Treasury from the winners of the second prize, which awards 75,000 euros: the net amount will be 68,000 euros.

However, not all Lottery del Niño prizes have to be paid into the treasury. As is Third prize Like the rest of the minor prizes that are included in this draw, eg Approach, extraction and terminationwill be exempted from paying the treasury not to exceed 40,000 euros stipulated in the regulations.

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