How much money does the audience make from “The Wheel of Luck”?

The “Wheel of Fortune” is one of the most popular competitions on Spanish television. Three contestants, led by Jorge Fernandez, set out to guess the boards while adding money using roulette spins.

One of the most striking elements of the program is the audience cheering the contestants like an Ultra Stand with cheers and slogans depending on the moment the program is in.

Is the roulette crowd real or are there extras?

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yes. Despite the fact that there is a regular audience that goes to the program, we regret to tell you that the passion for the competition is driven. Many of the attendees are extras placed by the program to give the show an extra dimension.

How much do extras pay in public?

not much. Some figures indicate that per day of recording, since usually more than one program per day is recorded, the audience is charged around 20 euros per day. Something like a few euros an hour.

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