How much could my rent go up next year? Attentive to your contract and the new measures of government

The latest anti-crisis decree, approved yesterday, extends the 2% limit on rent increases for the next year and automatically extends lease contracts for 6 months.

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The decree approved by the executive authority yesterday also introduced developments in the rental market, whose prices are high Directly depend on the development of the consumer price index At the time of the annual reviews. Modifications that will normally apply starting January 1st. But how much could my rent go up this year? In what circumstances?

The anti-crisis package approved yesterday and published on Wednesday in the Official Gazette (BOE), establishes forUntil December 31, 2023 from a 2% limit to the annual increase in rents. In this way, the owners will only be able to raise the monthly installments by this percentage in the annual reviews.

This decree was also introduced Automatic extension of 6-month leases. That is, if the lease expires before July, it will be extended for another half year.

This leaves the landlord with only one option if they want to find another tenant, with better conditions, than Unilaterally breaking the lease For which you need to provide justified reasons such as non-payment of rent, refusal to pay the deposit, work without the consent of the landlord, cancellation due to disturbing activities and the needs of the landlord after the contract year if he or the immediate family member needs him to live after a final decision of divorce.

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Organizations such as the Rent Negotiation Agency (ANA) estimate that the CPI’s failure to update rental rates has already cost landlords around €1,800 million.

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