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Spanish families are losing more and more fear of changing service providers (electricity company, insurance, bank account, etc…) in search of high-quality savings and care. Loyalties are increasingly transferred and become a real challenge. In a recent report, carried out by the comparison company “Kelisto” on the occasion of World Savings Day, the steps that must be taken to change the electricity, insurance, mortgage and telephone companies are explained.

Change the electric company

In the electric field, on paper, it is convenient because the processing is done by the new company. everything passes Call her to show interest and send her the contract With all data required by the new company such as DNI, bank details for payments and supplies (UPS code that appears on invoices and serves to identify each power supply point). Changing a company takes time Between 15 and 20 days after ordering. It also does not imply any reduction in supply or additional cost, unless there is a perpetual clause in your supplier contract. As they assert from “Kelisto”, these types of judgments are “less common”.


The term for canceling an insurance policy is one month in Spain, although according to the latest legislation dating back to 2016, the insurance company has two months to report changes to the policy terms or the intention not to renew it. In most cases, a phone call with the previous insurance company is sufficient, although Kelisto recommended doing so in writing or consulting the insurance company about the procedure to follow.


Perhaps the provider is most vulnerable to change in the family. If the phone operator must be changed on paper 1 working day (This is very important, because if the change is requested on Friday, it may not be triggered until Monday), from the moment you sign with the new company, this is as easy as in the case of SIM cards, the new one must be mailed.

Another thing is If you request portability, that is, keeping your phone number will be the contact you contracted with, who must inform the old operator and process the cancellation of the service. The modification will be made at dawn so that the service will not be interrupted. If portability is not requested, from the comparison, they advise you to previously unsubscribe from the current operator to cancel the previous price. The described process generates quite a few claims and criticisms among some users.

If you have Broadband package with mobile telephony, the maximum duration is longer, 7 days, due to modifications that both operators have to make. In the case of fixed portability, the new operator must inform the customer of the deadline to cancel this change. Important: Some carriers may charge you additional fees for services already provided if you cancel portability once the period for doing so without fees has passed.

[Pasos para darse de baja o solicitar la portabilidad móvil]

change bank

Change the bank account, from the Accounts Payable Transfer Act of 2019, the process Cannot exceed 12 days There is only one action: provide the new entity with your old account number, some personal data, and all receipts and payments you want to take to your new account.

The rest is made up of inter-entity processs: Two days for your new bank to request the necessary information from the old bank and close your account there. Another 5 days for your former bank to do what your new entity asks. Another 5 days until your new entity certifies that everything is working properly.

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