How long can the treasury return funds from the income statement?

campaign for Income statement 2022 Ends Friday 30th June. In this fiscal year that started with some novelties, about 22 million taxpayers had to declare personal income tax.

In the event of a reinstatement, that is, when the declarant has contributed more than his share and it is the tax authority that must pay him, The Treasury Department has set deadlines.

These dates largely depend on when the taxpayer submitted the income statement, the amount to be paid or the complexity of validating all data entered.

When does the treasury return the money?

The normal thing is that the administration begins to return the money 48 hours after the start of the campaign, and they usually do Make the payment to the taxpayer within 30 days of project commitment.

However, payment can be delayed after this period. tax authority You have 6 months from the end of the campaign to make the payment. If the last day to file declarations is June 30, the Treasury Department will have time to pay taxes to taxpayers with a positive result until December 31.

What if it’s been 6 months and they haven’t returned my money?

If they do not do so within that period, You can demand payment with interest Submit a written request for self-re-evaluation corresponding to 2022 in this case.

This “penalty” imposed by the IRS itself is called interest for late payment. In this specific exercise, Legálitas highlights the benefit of late payments for 2023 4.0625%.

In addition, the IRS identifies on its website that taxpayers with the final outcome of the return Status can be checked.

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The query is made by accessing your file through the Draft/Declaration Processing Service (Renta WEB). Generally, the return is made by bank transfer.

As of June 1, 2023, more than 7,800,000 taxpayers have already received Revenue of 5390 million euros When that was two months into the 2022 Personal Income Tax Campaign (IRPF 2022).

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