How does the rise of the dollar against the euro affect our pockets?

twenty years later, The dollar and the euro have the same value again. The decline in the value of the European currency, which was equal to the US currency last Tuesday, is due to High inflation Fear of the economic effects of the war in Ukraine.

In recent months, the euro has accumulated a decline of almost 12% against the dollar, which has not happened since the last quarter of 2002. This is causing concern in the eurozone, which has led the continent to maybe Recession. The consequences worry not only EU leaders, but also ordinary citizens, who suffer the consequences in their pockets.

How does it affect consumers?

Among other issues, Prices have skyrocketed in June up to 8.6% yoy. However, the Spaniards will notice it when buying, with bills much more expensive than they were just six months ago in basic products such as oils (which increased by 83%), pasta (29%), flour (28%), eggs (24%), skimmed milk (21%), fruits and vegetables (19%), chicken (14%), meat beef (13%) or fish (11%).

Likewise, any citizen will also notice a level rise energy and fuel When paying for electricity or filling up a car’s tank, oil is charged in dollars. The crisis also affects Consumer products from Chinaas the euro is at its lowest historical levels when compared to the yuan (the currency of the Asian giant).

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