How do you recover an Instagram account?

Instagram Since Monday afternoon, it has suffered a global meltdown, which, among other anomalies, is causing problems to start the session or, in many cases, suspending the accounts of thousands of users without prior notice. The issue was reported by Downdetector.

Nowadays it is not difficult Forgot your password In any social network, since the application itself allows you to always connect (without having to indicate the password each time you log in) and that each time the protocols for specifying the password tend to be more complex (including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols ), it is very common to not remember it. But, if you forgot your password, you want to recover a deleted account, Instagram has blocked your account or it has been “hacked”, With these simple steps you will do it in 5 minutes.

I forgot my password

First of all, it will be necessary to go to the official Instagram page and press the button “Forgot your password?”

Once this is done, it will ask us for the email associated with the account, the name of the account or our phone number

If we choose the email or phone number option, the app will send a message to our email account

Once in the message, we will click on the box that says “Enter as” and our username

This will take you to the Instagram window with our username and where we will have to choose a new password

Once selected, we can access our account

Keep in mind that when you change a password, you must not only be logged in on the device where you changed it, but logged in to all of them. For example, if you have an Instagram account on your mobile phone and tablet, you will need to sign in to both.

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I want to recover a disabled account

We have already explained that it is possible to delete an Instagram account or turn it offBut if we do, there is an option to get it back. It is very important that you do this within 30 days, otherwise it will be impossible to reopen and after that you will only have to access with your username and password and the account will be activated automatically.

Instagram has blocked my account

To prevent Instagram from blocking your account, you must follow some conditions and Meet society’s standards. If you do not comply with them, Instagram may deactivate your account without prior notice, among them:

  • Be 13 years of age or older

  • Do not post violent, discriminatory or sexual content

  • Unauthorized or bot accounts cannot be created

  • You cannot transmit viruses or destructive code

  • You may not use the app for illegal purposes

  • You should be responsible for all actions on your account

  • You cannot restrict the use of another user

  • You cannot process the API

If you break any of these rules, depending on severity levelInstagram will decide whether or not you can recover your account.

It has been “hacked”

In one of the worst cases, it might even be one of themHackedYour account, that is, he entered pretending to be you and changed your password. In this case, you can follow these steps:

  • Try to access your account and change your password as soon as possible

  • If you can’t do this, tap Reset Password

  • If your account access data also changes, you will receive an email from letting you know how to reverse the change (following their steps).

In the default case where none of these options work, you can try the following:

  • If you have access to the Instagram app, you will need to go to Settings/Help and tap on Report a Problem. There you should explain what happened so they can help you.

  • Another option is to access the Instagram help center from the web.

  • The third option is to go to Spanish Instagram support at Facebook and report the problem

  • Also ask your contacts to report what happened so that the process goes faster. If they get to the Settings / Help section and click on “Help Privacy and Security”, they can report the account and posts.

Finally, another valid option to recover your account can be as follows:

  • On the login screen, tap on the Get Help button

  • Next, enter your email or username and click on the “Next” button

  • On the screen that will appear, you can fill out a form with which Instagram will help you, and in this you must indicate the email with which you have registered, the email you have access and which Instagram can contact you, select the type of account you are using (personal, company, brand …) and finally identify the problem you are having.

  • You should describe in detail exactly what is happening so that Instagram can help you, the more specific the better

  • Press the “Send Request” button and wait for a response.

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