How can you contribute to Social Security without working?

Losing your job after a certain age can seriously affect your economic future. Many people facing dismissal at the age of 50 may have problems, especially when it comes to collecting a future pension after ending their career. Thus, there are many who are still on the verge of obtaining Quote Wanted in order to collect retirement pension complete.

Despite having a pension in Spain, it is necessary that you have contributed to social SecurityAt least 15 years old, the truth is that there are a series of agreements that allow you to contribute without having to work. This is a special agreement, known as voluntary agreementWhich is signed by the management and the person concerned and which allows them to continue to contribute what is necessary to collect 100% of this benefit after retirement.

But how do these Social Security agreements work with citizens that allow them to continue contributing despite not working? Who can subscribe to this special agreement?

What are special agreements and how do they work?

Special agreements are voluntary agreements concluded between the worker and the Public Treasury for Social Security. The intent is that even if that person is not working, they can still contribute to get the minimum amount of time needed to get a pension.

In this way, to maintain this contribution, the citizen must pay a Monthly fee based on the base you want to price This will then help determine the amount of the pension. Thus, those workers who have lost their jobs and need additional years of contributions, will be able to pay so that this time is also counted as work.

However, not all workers will be able to request this agreement from Social Security. These are the citizens who can continue to contribute without working:

Who can contribute without working?

In order to receive this benefit, it is necessary that the worker in question has contributed to social security a Minimum 1080 days in the last 12 years. This will be a prerequisite, except for those that come from the Employment Organization (ERE) file.

  • Persons not registered with Social Security

  • Workers with a permanent contract who have reached the age of 65 years and contributed to 35 years

  • Multiple employees who stopped any of the activities

  • People who get a new but paid job create a subscription base that is lower than the average of the immediately preceding 12 months

  • Pensioners who are recognized as having a permanent complete disability

  • Workers who have stopped receiving benefits or unemployment benefits

  • Persons who have been discharged from the SS for a rejected pension request

How do you request a voluntary agreement?

Requiring this agreement to contribute without work does not have many complications. To do this, it will be necessary to go to the Social Security electronic headquarters and download, fill out and submit the document TA_0040. It will only be necessary to identify yourself with a digital certificate of natural persons, an electronic DNI or the PIN code system of Social Security itself.

For their part, those interested can also request this assistance in person through their Regional Directorate of Social Security Treasury.

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