How and when to refer to the 2022-23 Navara Income Statement Draft

The income statement campaign generally started in Spain on April 11, but there is a community where the taxpayer’s obligation works differently: It is the community of Foral in Navarre.

This is happening because of the contribution system of this community and the Basque country.” The authority to maintain, establish and regulate its tax system. This means that the collection, administration, liquidation, collection and examination of the majority of state taxes ».

The deadlines for the Navarra Income Statement are from April 12th to June 23rd. Another major difference is that in Navarra it is not the taxpayer who makes the draft and submits it to the treasury, but rather the taxpayer It is the administration itself that makes the proposal For citizens who have data.

Indeed, Diario de Navarra points out, the treasury of Navarre already had it Prepared 203,145 offers ad of which 60.7% go out to return. In addition, on April 19, 105 million euros will be returned.

How to refer to a bill of income in Navarra

Navarrese will receive the offers by mail on paper (for those over 65, who should do nothing if all their information is correct), Online at web.renta.navarra.esin person at the Treasury offices by appointment, by telephone by appointment, or at cooperating entities.

Given that the income drive in the community of Foral in Navarre It started on April 12thYou can now refer to the draft or proposal submitted by management.

taxpayers will be able to On the website renta.navarra.es And from that moment begins the term online statements. To do this, identification with Cl @ ve, DNI + PIN or digital certificate will be necessary.

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In addition, you can order Submit a copy of the permit and tax data for the years 2020 and/or 2021 for the tax place that appears in the Hacienda Foral de Navarra database.

This campaign, corresponding to fiscal year 2022, offers some updates It was a contraction of 2% of the base rate payable A general increase or a 5% increase in the personal and family minimum with an additional increase of €100 for people with an income of less than €30,000. In this sense, the minimum declaration amount is 12,600 euros.

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