household tricks | The trick is to fold the bottom sheet so it doesn’t take up any space

  • An Instagram video shows how to fold the bottom sheets without trying to die

Keep the covers clean and tidy It can become an almost impossible task. Especially when it comes to fitted sheets, which are as functional as they are functional It’s hard to bend without leaving a patch of fabric.

Namely, folding the lower leaves is an often complex and frustrating task. Unlike regular sheets, fitted sheets They have an elastic band that makes them more difficult to fold. Also, their size and shape can cause tangles and clumping. But don’t worry, because this trick that we are going to teach you today will help you overcome these hurdles and fold the bottom papers in seconds.

How to fold fitted sheets like a pro

For almost any question or need, the Internet has an answer. As in handy, this Instagram post offers the perfect recipe for folding bottom sheets without trying to die.

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The video in question, posted by Arplan (@ariblanc.ok), a company account dedicated to beds and home linens, explains the most efficient and convenient way to fold this type of sheet without taking it apart and taking up the least amount of space possible.

As can be seen from the pictures, the trick is to get started Tuck two corners of one side inside the corners of the opposite side. Once this is done, the paper forms a kind of “bag” Much easier to manipulate and fold.

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