household tricks | Did you buy some new shoes? Do not throw away the box or the white bags inside

By name, silica cysts, they may not look familiar to you, but if you identify them by their image, you will quickly know what they are. We found these few Breathable paper bags in new handbags or shoe boxes And we tend to throw them away as soon as we see them.

The mission of these bags in our new products is Removing moisture from the body during storage. Silica gel is a water-glass compound that, thanks to its porosity, allows the conditions of the item not to be damaged during transportation or storage.

Despite the fact that its packaging warns of its danger, the truth is that it is a harmless substance that will be very useful in many uses. Worth notice to the cobalt chloride it contains as an additive to indicate the wetness of the gel. This substance gives the balls a blue color when dry and pink when wet, so it alerts us when we should change the gel.

Dry our technological devices

When our mobile phone, watch, and tablet suffer… Water attack (Either because a glass of water was spilled on us or we got into the pool with them) The most common solution was to put the technological device in rice. In addition to this system, silica gel granules are also used It absorbs the remaining moisture inside the smartphone.

dried flowers

If you want to keep a beautiful flower for a long time, You can cover it with silica gel. Make sure the flowers are completely submerged and wait 2 to 3 days to remove the galls. Do not hold more than five days, as the flower will spoil.

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Save the seeds

If you want to grow your plants and flowers, silica gel sachets will come in very handy. If you keep the seeds next to these bags It will prevent them from darkening with moisture.

Maintains the luster of silver

to avoid that Silver turns black With the passage of time or with the humidity of the environment, use a silica gel bag inside your jewelry box and your jewelry will wear as if it were new.

Save the metal parts

In the same way that it happens with silver, moisture damages metal pieces, causing them to form The oxide layer spoils them. If you use these bags to put them inside the cutting it will prevent this from happening.

Protects photos from the passage of time

So as not to spoil the time Images on photographic paper These silica bags will become great allies It will ensure that it is perfectly preserved.

Eliminates the unpleasant odor of the bags

Backpacks or bags that we use to go to the pool, gym or even the beach end up picking up an unpleasant odor due to the dampness of our clothes, slippers, shampoo … an effective weapon Against the stench is to put a few sachets of silica inside the backpack.

Extends the life of razor blades

The bathroom is one of the places in the house where a high percentage of moisture accumulates, which inevitably damages razors. to extend its useful life Not having to replace it oftenThe right thing to do is to put them in a sealed container with these silica bags.

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Avoid condensation inside the vehicle

Now that the temperatures are dropping which is common for him car windows fog, A gel bag under the windshield will prevent this from happening.

Protect our camera lenses

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For photography lovers who know how expensive and accurate lenses can be, this tip will come in handy: If you keep a bag of silica with your camera lenses, It will keep them from spoiling.

Next time you open a new bag or shoe and discover these versatile little bags inside, Think about it before you get rid of them Forever. Who knows if they can be very useful in the most unexpected situations.

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