Hospitality and small trade companies, the most indebted in Spain

Small projects in the hospitality and trade sector. It is the profile of the most indebted companies in Spain, according to the study by analysts from iberinforma subsidiary of Crédito y Caución, based on the average debt ratio of 160,000 Spanish companies, according to the annual accounts for the past three years filed with the Commercial Register.

According to the study, micro-enterprises have become the most likely affected sectors, with an accumulation of a High level of indebtedness Partly driven by interest rate hikes that began in July 2022. The conclusion is clear: interest rate hikes do not affect the costs of all business sectors in the same way.

Thus, while medium and large companies managed to reduce their average debt ratio by one point (59%) in the past year, microenterprises have remained the same. most indebted (70%), eleven percentage points higher.

By sector and companies download It is the most indebted (74%), followed by trade (70%), education (68%) and transportation (68%). On the contrary, the lowest levels of indebtedness occur in the extractive industries (57%) and financial services (51%) sectors.

In terms of geographical distribution, the highest levels of indebtedness occur in Andalus (69%) and Castilla La-Mancha (69%), followed by Asturias (68%), Cantabria (68%), Galicia (68%) and Madrid (68%).

The debt ratio, states Iberinform, is an indicator that measures the balance between external and private financing sources and is expressed in percentage terms. “A high level of this indicator indicates strength Reliance on external financing. They added that in a context such as the current one, where it becomes more expensive and limited, it could jeopardize the vulnerability of companies most affected by the environment of persistent inflation and changes in the economic cycle.

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