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After spending a weekend in an idyllic spectacle in a high-performing think tank, I came to the uncomfortable conclusion that I’m over the top. I realize that I live with the never-satisfying curse of curiosity and the need to understand what is happening and why. One source of my confusion is the value, positive or negative, given to boredom in times of hypervitaminosis and the effect that chronic boredom has on the laziness we all carry. After much reading, and why not say it, in a moment of killer boredom, I’ve checked for several ideas. The first, brought up my education in the spirit of nineteenth-century rigor, belongs to cold showers and sobriety, which is to think of boredom like that apple that tempts us and drags us into softness, lack of decency, and, finally, into bodily and moral dirt. . You know the saying, “When the devil does not do what he does, he kills the flies with his tail.” Another person believes that boredom is necessary to be more creative, less addictive, and less malleable in short. Luigi Amara, author boredom school, is one of those who describe an intense session of boredom in the face of a silent modernity, which nourishes us with the screen body, the inexhaustible work and the altered states of consciousness. Amara, having spent a moment Montaigne, no longer solitary in a tower to contemplate, but separated from any device with a screen and without it, would continue to be bored in Las Vegas surrounded by noise and loneliness. As a result of this exercise, Amara suggests La Internacional Yawning, which constantly reminds me of those pink toys used by reckless intellectuals who can tolerate a lot of yawning.

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I can’t help but think of boredom as an anomaly, a condition that turns you away. I find it hard to believe that after boredom, or spleen, or irritability, there is that blissful state of doing nothing while enjoying life. Boredom assumes a friction with reality as defined by Professor Josefa Ross Velasco, founder of the International Society for the Studies of Boredom. According to the definition included in one of this association’s papers, boredom is “a functional emotion with components of attention (“Can I focus?”) and meaning (“Do I want to do that?”) […] Experienced when people feel unable or unwilling to engage cognitively in their current activity. Like everything in life, it can be ‘boredom’ from our childhood, which is resolved through play, or ‘deep boredom’ or ‘complex boredom’ which involves individual and social suffering resulting from a particular environment that continues into the future. the weather.

This is the boredom that grips me and it is the boredom that galvanizes us in the face of adversity, disables us as citizens and turns us into individual consumers, a little addicted. Thus, combating boredom is the struggle against this anxiety that a life that does not fit what we expected, and what we promised, produces in us. Silence, detachment, and boredom confront us with this imbalance, that black hole that inhabits us and that we need to feed to see if it will shut down. But no, the chasm of our collective suffering is like the cosmos, they are never satisfied, they devour all the energy that surrounds them and only bring back darkness.

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The postmodern and techno-struggle against boredom is nothing more than a display of the pain that our life inflicts in us, fueled by excessive activity in the hope that once we are satiated, he will shut up and at least let us rest in peace. while. Moment. But he does not shut up and feed him is so exhausting that it invalidates us as thinking beings and as active citizens capable of facing the same problems that cause us distress that we deal with with so much activity. Boredom is like maladaptation, like avoiding the moment of silence in which we will have to confront the evils of our time, is cause and effect. We run away from it only to fall into it more tired, less critical and numb. And with an impeccable social reputation for never stopping doing things, because laziness as we’ve learned is the root of all sins.

Thus, Ross Velasco in his book The Disease of Boredom strikes at why boredom, as a symptom of it, should alert us: “Human creativity springs from his suffering and produces also the worst of monsters. His experience is so pathological that it is attributed to the disease. However, boredom is just a symptom.” Its mission is to alert us to the damage to our relationship with the environment.”

Soma of restricted videos served up by TikTok so we don’t even have to choose what we drug the beast with desensitizes to temperature until we notice we’ve toasted. We voluntarily associate ourselves with them like slave rowers in the kitchen that represent the new capitalism, selling the futuristic behaviors that Zuboff meticulously describes in his book. The era of surveillance capitalism. They always want us to be bored, always communicating, producing data like a hamster on its infinite wheel, giving scroll Without stopping until we feel the indignation that pulls us out of the supermassive black hole to return ourselves to it.

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