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Paul Thomas Anderson said, after the premiere of that poem about love and innocence Licorice pizzaWe love to revisit those moments when we felt like everything was more innocent and simple. “Nostalgia is the feeling that allows us to forget about difficulties,” asserted the director, who made the seventies a place to live, full of excessive determination, wild dances and strange and dreamy characters. Because that amazing and impressive decade, in which anything seemed possible, continues to inspire us. Especially for Generation Z, who turned TikTok into a time machine in which to visit and relive the best of every era.

Between these two transient worlds Honor 70the new smart phone For the international brand, with a pioneering, energetic and brilliant design responsible to the past to communicate with future generations. In those years, technology was no longer a futuristic dream to become something possible and tangible. Along with those first Walkmans and digital watches that would elevate everyday wear, prototypes of cell phones and computers also appeared. Now they may look rather rudimentary and powerful models, but they have championed, as HONOR has done since its landing, the importance of design and the democratization of technology.

An example of this cultural revolution, HONOR 70 would be smart phone which Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie’s alter ego, will land on Earth; Or the one where ’70s stars sneak into the legendary Studio 54 to catch their wild party. There’s no doubt that its 4800mAh battery, with a really fast charge – 20 minutes is enough to reach 60% – will keep up with its frenetic pace. We too, if we take into account that we spend an average of nearly four hours a day with the phone in hand.

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With symmetrical proportions and rounded corners – features that allow it to be handled with one hand – the iconic design of this smartphone recalls the postmodern philosophy promoted by Robert Venturi and his wife Dennis Scott in the 1970s under the iconic slogan «less is cavity»(“least boring”). A way to rebel against the austerity and functionality of the time to give even seemingly simple constructions a special grace and symbolism. An example is the three colors that the new HONOR 70 is available in: blackAnd the emerald green flashing csilver crystal It evokes those unforgettable nights under the dazzling lights of disco balls, a dance floor where dresses and suits to lick They shine with their light to the rhythm stay alive.

primary witness

If the marketing of the first color televisions began in the 1970s – black and white was short to reflect the upbeat and lecherous spirit that colors fashion – then this smart phone Now responds to the needs of the era worshiped image. The 6.67-inch HD Infinity Display, with a burst of 1.07 billion colors and 4,096 levels of brightness, immerses us in a new, immersive and authentic audiovisual experience, perfect for a nostalgia marathon. Logan’s escape also electronic woman.

Another attraction of the HONOR 70 is the triple camera system, with a 2-meter depth camera, a 54MP Sony IMX800 sensor and a 50MP ultra-wide lens that does not miss the smallest details, resulting in high-resolution images. Recording at the cinema. To achieve the 15 minutes of fame Warhol promised us, and to do so to our best advantage, it also has a 32MP Super Selfie Camera and Dual Beauty Effect. Editing features, such as mode just cutwhich facilitates the post-production process and allows us to create trial pieces worthy of Factory. Because every age needs a witness to record it for future generations.

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