Homemade costumes for this carnival 2023

Carnival arrives, and it does so with local budgets depleted by the inflation that has been mercilessly punishing our pockets for months now. That’s why he’s probably resorting more than ever Homemade costumes It’s a great idea to help balance the numbers as we come out of the holidays with flying colours. Also, as always, these ideas will come in handy for last minute decisions.

Here are some ideas for homemade carnival costumes:

Homemade brick costumeAn easy, cheap and very urgent idea It’s the one in the outfit Builder. Work overalls and a helmet deserve us. If we do not have overalls, we can resort to a plaid shirt, jeans and a reflective jacket, such as those that must always be available in the car. A hammer, wrench or shovel will end up giving the complete result we are looking for.

Homemade sleepwearSuitable pajamas and pillow This is all we need to disguise ourselves as a sleeping person without spending a single euro. It can be accompanied by a stuffed animal. If we use it to celebrate, there may come a time of night when we feel envious.

Homemade ghost costumeNo need to wait for Halloween. Ghost costume is the height of simplicity however If we pay attention to the details, we will achieve something very successful. We just need an old white sheet of paper. We will have to take care of the cut, waving the skirt for example, as well as drawing the eyes – it is better if the holes are cut out on two black ovals – and those of the mouth, to choose between a beautiful smile or a more terrifying grimace. For the condemned ball as a complement, we can spend something in the fashion store.

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Homemade tree costume

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Brown slacks, a green jacket or hooded sweatshirt, and A few small red balloons are attached to it. This is enough at the carnival to become Apple tree. If we go to a party, it will be hard to end the night with them the same, but it’s all about eliciting smiles and saving money.

Homemade superhero costumeThe option that can be shared with the family is a costume Super heroAn idea that fascinates the little ones. We need nothing more than a piece of red cloth to make the capes. and the ones masks Matching. Under the cape, contrasting red shirts. For example, blue or white. We can ask them for a copy of the drawing we want or use stickers.

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