Homeland threat is growing in Russia after attacks on railways by anti-war groups, according to British intelligence

The platform for resisting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Stop the Wagons (STW, for its English acronym) is of increasing concern to the Kremlin, according to Britain’s Ministry of Defense in its latest part on the war. STW this week claimed responsibility for an explosive attack that destroyed the railway line as it passed through Novozybkvo, a Russian town about 15 kilometers from the border with Belarus.

“The Russian leadership will be more concerned that even a small group of citizens oppose the conflict to the point of resorting to physical sabotage,” reads the intelligence note published by the Ministry of Defense on its Twitter account.

STW operates a website in Russian and English, as well as a channel on Telegram, among other social networks, with practical information to attack the Russian railway system and join the resistance. The group urges that “by sabotaging railroad works, you are saving lives on both sides of the front.”

With more than 33,000 kilometers of roadsUsed by the Russian army to transport troops and machinery to the Ukrainian front, the railway network is vulnerable to acts of internal resistance. “Securing the system against physical attacks is a very difficult challenge,” says British military intelligence.

The group has claimed Six train sabotages And the structure of railways across Russia and Belarus since last June. The attacks are, according to London, part of a “wider pattern of attacks by Russian dissidents”.

The gathering stresses the importance of being “everywhere” and paralyzing rail transport, especially in areas through which military equipment enters Ukraine and in areas from which missiles and shelling are launched.

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new prime minister, Rishi Sunak, He reiterated the UK’s “strong support” for Ukraine in a phone conversation with the President Volodymyr Zelensky Hours after he reached the leadership of the Conservative Party and the country.

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