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If your home is small, you may have dispensed with some commodities that are always nice to have. But there are some things that are essential and make our daily lives easier. Therefore, design does not conflict with functionality. There are things from our home and items that we don’t give decorative importance to, but simply seek to fulfill their function.

This is the case, for example, of an indoor clothesline. Many homes have the classic house with wires and foldable wings that can be snapped on and are very practical. Now, when it’s unfolded, it’s not that it leaves too much space in a room, nor that it’s a very interesting picture.

Now, as the sentence with which this article begins, design does not conflict with function, and the interior drying rack of a very practical form wins out, which saves space and which, as the product itself indicates, It looks like it came from the future.


Just as there is a very cheap Ikea accessory in the shape of an octopus to hang socks and save space, since thanks to the hook it can be placed anywhere, there is also a drying rack that uses the same design as the base.

It is from Foppapedretti and I have it 18 extendable and independent arms, Therefore it is “practical and functional”. “With a white PVC construction and lacquered beech wood arms and legs, the design of this standing drying rack is sleek and striking. When open it’s very roomy, while when folded, you can store it in any corner,” explains the brand.

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In fact, the unfolded takes up little space, but folding is a trivial thing. The inner legs are assembled very simply, like a tripod, and also each of the 18 “claws”, so it won’t be necessary to remove them all if you don’t need them. In short, when folded it occupies only the volume of the PVC cylinder of which the body is made.

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It will go with everything due to its wood color and allows clothes to be hung with pegs as well as on hangers, which is actually recommended so that T-shirts, polo shirts, and T-shirts stay more stable. In fact, you can save even on ironing, although automatic ironing robots have already arrived and also for folding clothes in seconds.

The biggest problem is its price, which is higher than other sellers, especially the classic sellers. Now, design, functionality and style count, they’re even cheap. It costs 139 euros and you can find it on Amazon or El Corte Inglés.

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