home theater | Is it better to keep the TV in the living room or replace it with a projector?

In most homes, the household appliances that predominate in the living room are television, which occupies an important part and attracts the attention of the cohabitants present in the room. The manufacturers of these devices never stop their efforts to innovate until they introduce their new models Best and best services.

In recent years, televisions have reduced their weight and size and, at the same time, have expanded their screens by increasingly advanced technologies. Curved monitors, panel types, 4K or higher resolution & mldr; These are some of the advances that televisions have made in recent times.

However, many interior designers consider this Highlighting the TV is not appropriate if we want to have a living room Nicely decorated, Many people try to integrate these devices naturally. Usually something complicated. For this reason, some families choose to set aside the TVs, which practically occupy one wall of the room, to make room for tourchwhich is easier to integrate.

Mostly they are Lovers Cinema And the series that decides to replace the TV with a projector, but even so, these devices are usually some of the most forgotten on the market. Despite this, we should not forget that, in addition to decorating our home, projectors have some advantages that are often unknown to the general public. To do this, we will disassemble Top features When comparing these two devices.

picture quality

Until recently, it was believed that projectors could hardly compete with televisions in the picture quality department. However, the latest projector models, as with the TV, are arriving Very big decisionsOr 4K or even 8K, although this often brings up the price if we want to avoid “pseudo-4K”.

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Likewise, we must remember that if we want to take advantage of the full potential of our monitor, we must install a A specialized white screen on the wall.

image size

Undoubtedly, the strong point of the projector is the size of the image that it is able to present, easily accessible Exceeding 300 inches diagonally. This property is essential if the goal is to create a cinematic feel in our living room. On the contrary, current TVs usually do not exceed 75 or 85 inches and also, when they are around that size, the price goes up in most cases.

distance to the wall

In the past, one of the biggest drawbacks to owning a projector was the space required between the projector and the wall to get a large image. However, new developments mean that distance is no longer an issue, as we can now find it Short throw projectors Able to create an image as close as possible inches from a few centimeters from the wall. Projectors that do not have this function require you to be within 2 meters of the wall where we will be projecting the movie.

ambient lighting

One of the problems with projectors that we need Ambient light control To be able to have fun in a rewarding way. And it is that other light sources have reduced the quality of the image emitted by the device. This has been improved, in recent years, by ambient light-rejecting screens, which allow images to be viewed in good quality even if the room is not completely dark. However, they failed to beat the TVs in this department.

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Another department where TVs also win is in sound. TV manufacturers have focused on improving the sound quality of their products, and this has resulted Projectors can’t compete in this aspect. However, if we really want to feel like we are in the cinema, it is advisable, whether we have a TV or a projector, to have stereo Power surrounds us.

Smart TV

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Today’s televisions have an essential segment that depends on the use of applications and internet connectivity. This fact greatly expands the possibilities offered by television and allows us to access an infinite number of content in a simple and convenient way. but, Projectors are not far behind in this. Or at least not all. And it is that there are models with Android TV integrated and others that offer the possibility of providing it with this capacity with peripherals.


In conclusion, we can say that in Price / quality ratioTVs win the preferences of most users. But, we must clarify that those who are part of the group that seeks to create an atmosphere and the feeling of being in a movie theater in the living room at home usually choose a projector.

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