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It is increasingly common to feel dread when going on vacation or away from home. One of the reasons is that you find your home squatted. According to the Crime Statistical System of the Ministry of the Interior, there were approximately last month 3600 violations of sit-ins in Spain, Mainly in Catalonia, Andalusia, the Valencian Community and the Community of Madrid. To avoid this situation and not to worry anymore, there is a file A free mobile application that notifies you at the moment if there are “squatters” in your home.


Bearing in mind that squatting Not only do they invade your property, but also pay your electricity, water or gas bills that they generate, and that’s where this app comes in. This is a free app “MySelectra”Which is not meant to worry us if our house is occupied.

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What this Selectra does is inform that Light consumption can “alert us” to the presence of squatters in the home, the ability to address this problem. The benefit of this information is to inform some people that, for some people habitually, the average home energy consumption is around 60 kWh (about 2 kWh per day), while, on the other hand, the cost of an occupied home goes up to it is being done. Between 250 kW or 290 kW. Therefore, this helps us to know that if our house is unoccupied and we notice that consumption is rising from one day to the next, precautions must be taken to see what happens.

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The advantage of this application is that notifications can be configured so that Alerts are received indicating that unusual movement has occurred. That is, we receive a notification that we have exceeded the specified kW or the estimated amount to be paid. It is an independent service and it does not matter who we contract with Al Noor. In addition, it allows us to track our consumption and spending, which can be Useful when saving. In fact, according to the application portal, its customers have saved 57 million euros thanks to its services in 2022.

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