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Marie Kondo, the expert on order, threw in the towel and assumed that homes are meant for living in, not organizing. To achieve this, he only needed to give birth to his third child. “My house is messy, but the way I spend my time now works for me At this point in my life, he admitted in a hadith he collected Washington Post.

The Japanese have understood that way Konmari, based on throwing away unnecessary things, folding clothes exactly vertically and putting as many boxes as possible in the drawers in case someone wants to open them, does not stand up to the onslaught of three children. And now he comes up with a new way – a new book, a new profit – to depend on kurashiA lifestyle based on treating yourself wellImprove interpersonal relationships and seek calm and happiness through meditation.

However, with Kondo’s decision, many of his followers were left without an affordable system method. But to fill the void the guru left in the hearts (and coffers) of many, she is Method of Professional Organizer Alicia Iglesias, which he posts on his website Order and cleaning at home Under the slogan “System style that will change your life”.

It’s a way to invite you to take control of the house but in a more relaxed way than Marie Kondo. While the Japanese assure that once you start arranging your home, you must be consistent and always follow it, Operation Iglesias is based on doing small tasks for 21 days To organize your home without overwhelming you. So it’s about appreciating what has been achieved and not repeating the mistakes that got us into chaos in the first place. This is Alicia Iglesias’ 21-day method for decluttering your home

Ask in the kitchen

“Eating comes first,” says Iglesias on his website. For this reason, the first four days of the method are devoted to cooking. During the first day you should dedicate it to making monthly lists. With it, you will take the mental burden of thinking about what to eat every day and be able to plan your purchases. That will give you time for the next steps.

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The second day is the time to Organizing and cleaning the pantry and refrigerator. You should remove everything inside, clean it well, and put it back in a way that keeps it visually tidy and accessible with expiration dates handy.

In the next couple of days it’s time to tidy up and clean the kitchen. It’s time to leave only what is used on display, store what is used occasionally in drawers or cabinets and throw away what is not. In cabinets and drawers, it helps to place the closest and least used ones at the bottom. Also store things near where they are used (cleaning products under the sink, pots by the stove…). Finally, it remains only to clean up.

Ask in the bathroom

The fifth and sixth days of the method are for pigeons. Following the same process as in the kitchen, the first thing is to get rid of the expired stuff, what has not been used, empty the cans and store what is needed in bins or baskets to clean the shower and bathtub as much as possible.

after, It’s time to start cleaning the bathroom. The ideal is to start with a toilet, continue with tiles, then shower and bathtub, and finish with sink, taps and mirrors.

Ask at the lockers

The next four days, from the seventh to the tenth, are for the treasuries, Where the biggest mess accumulates in the house many times. The first day you have to organize the hall closet, or the day you keep your coats. It is necessary to throw away everything that is not used, leaving only jackets, coats and useful items such as umbrellas. In addition, you can bet on hangers and leave room for accessories, bags, backpacks and even keys. It’s the key to not piling things up, but to tidy up.

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Day 8 is pure reflection: You have to plan the closets. It is about thinking and distributing where everything will go, and who will go in each drawer. So on the ninth and tenth days we can start working. On the first day, you have to take things out, clean them and put them back in their right place, without mixing. For clothes, things should be hung or folded vertically and not in other ways. So on the last day we can dedicate clothes that are from other seasons. For this, it is very useful to use well-labeled bags or boxes so that we can put everything in the least accessible places in the house, such as the trunk or under the bed.

Ask for plug-ins

On the eleventh, it’s time to put on your shoes and bags, It is not worth throwing them away because of a dream in the bathroom or bedroom. Most commonly used, in easy-to-reach places, and most frequently used, in the back of cabinets. Don’t rule out throwing away what you’re not wearing. If everything just doesn’t fit in the entryway, consider getting a shoe rack, for bags, and shelves.

following the equator of the operation, On the twelfth day, it’s time to order accessories. It is necessary to keep what one is wearing and to do what is not (you can consider selling it). For storing jewelry, transparent boxes are perfect. For outerwear, keep it close at hand in the winter and in a more hidden location in the summer.

order to survive

Over the next six days, it’s time to disassemble, clean and organize the rooms one by one. We start with the nerve center of the house, the living room. There it is important to leave a good meeting space in the center and organize storage spaces, lockers and tables well. Then we go to the bedroom, and take special care of our sleeping space, especially the bed, so that it is comfortable and pleasant, inviting rest.

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The next couple of days we are assigned to order in the room of the older and younger children. In the case of adults, particular care must be taken to ensure that the study space is spacious and well defined, and in the case of minors, that there are enough toys but a good amount of space to store them. Thus, the little ones can learn to order from the very beginning.

about the past daysTouch the office and the rest of the rooms in the house. In the office it is important to review documents, get rid of those that do not work, save those that do not work, discard stationery that is no longer useful, organize cables … On the 18th, we reserve it for the other rooms in the house. It’s about cleaning and ordering a storage room, garage, gym, or any other room not mentioned.

order in your life

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The last three days of this process have a clear goal: Prevent the house from returning to the state it was in before starting this process. So we’re going to start by creating a cleaning routine with a weekly plan in which we distribute the tasks equally with everyone in the house. Then we will establish routines: don’t buy what we don’t need, get rid of the things we don’t use and we’ll review papers periodically.

finally, On the 21st we just have to think about our habits. Review your old practices and how you have the home now. Be aware of what you have achieved and be clear about the mistakes you should not make again.

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