home automation | These are the new trends of the smart home

during the past five years market smart home jump rate 6.8% increase. Forecasts for 2027 indicate a result of 102.9621 million euros worldwide. While at the national level, at Spain is expected to grow in this marketspecific, In smart devices and solutions For homes up to 300% in 2024.

smart home

In the smart home, it is understood that there is a A digital environment for many interconnected, automated devices and control the difference home jobs, And from Anywhere As long as there is an internet connection. This control can be implemented through a assistantBe it devices or people.

The smart home evolution made possible by progress that have occurred in recent years:

One of these developments is Possibility to connect multi-platform systems to multiple devices. In addition, this trend has been reinforced by modernity Access from any platform. Which gives a feeling of Safety and comfort to the user. In this way, all devices in the home happen to create a smart ecosystem where Everything is integrated.

the Video intelligence and quality improvement It has also meant important advances in terms of the smart home. The cameras have improved their Speed quality and now homes can enjoy an extension More enhanced monitoring. Although surveillance in the digital world has also been a topic Fears of users, since there is a file Fear of a security breach threat of homes, because they are interconnected and want protection on both sides.

main directions

Technology Alliance

the Technology alliances They represent important progress and, therefore, trends for 2023. In the home security sector, they are already using this method where they combine cooperation between Alert reception center with police Through this operational support. An example of this is the security systems that, through tentacles And other surveillance devices can intercept traffic and Contact the authorities remotely.

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Similarly, the The user will be notified before any unexpected change. Whether it is a power or water outage, smoke detection, etc.

Remote video surveillance and intelligent automation

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both of them Instant notifications such as custom management Within applications novelty. Plus, it can now be controlled from anywhere and only requires a device with the app and an internet connection.

User can now Set your own rules So that is your security system active or not According to the specified standards. combine with Geolocation The user can get it Complete home control Even if it is not there. You can go from turning off the lights to activating recording on security cameras, etc.

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