Holidays 2023 | These are the best beaches in Andalusia

Summer is the time of the year the most wanted by the vast majority of people, because it evokes spending time with family, friends, barbecuing, bathing in swimming pools, but above all, Travel to the beach. Andalus It is one of the favorite destinations for tourists during their holidays, since apart from Good atmosphere, weather and gastronomyhas some Unique beaches what are they Within the reach of very few Autonomous Communities of Spain. So you can You know bestWe tell you what beaches are You can’t miss it in our socity.

It should be noted that the Andalusian coast is very diverse in terms of beaches, as there is fine sand and clear water, but there are also stones and somewhat cloudy water. This is because the coast It is washed by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic OceanBesides, the climate varies by region.

Bologna (Cadiz)

In the Tarifa area we can find One of the best and most famous beaches in the whole country. Its mixture of soft sands lapped by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, along with its natural surroundings, is almost entirely pristine. Four kilometers Make this beach a dream come true.

In addition, this beach has a privileged status to own Ancient Roman city communicate Baelo Claudia in their lands. The history of this city dates back to II century BC And surprises with the degree of good preservation in which they are found.

Beach of the Dead (Almería)

It is called so because of several legends about it, including one that indicates that it appeared because of the currents that surround this beach corpses of sailors. This cave is in the middle of the road Between Agua Amarga and Carboneras. It was named several years ago The most beautiful beach in Spainso it is a tourist attraction for Lovers of crystal clear water, white sand and nature.

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It is important to note that it is accessible complexityIn addition to being virgin it lacks beach bars, so you have to bring water and food.

Zahara de los Atunes (Cádiz)

Zahara de los Atunes Beach, which extends from Barbati to Cabo de Platais a real paradise offering The perfect blend of natural beauty and relaxation. With its long coastline of golden sands and crystalline waters, it is a region The perfect place to disconnect And enjoy the sun and the sea.

It is also famous for its wonderful sunsets. Create a visual spectacle Impressive, plus the great waves created by the confluence of east and west winds make this one of the surfers’ favorite spots.

And you can’t miss the opportunity to experience Delicious beach bars and restaurants serving fresh fish and seafood. In short, Zahara de los Atunes Beach offers you an unforgettable experience of sun, sea and delicious flavors in a heavenly setting.

La Barrosa (Cadiz)

It is located next to the famous Sancti PetriThis beach extends from the cliff that separates them to Loma del Puerco, and is a total stretch of Eight kilometers. Located in the Bahia de Cádiz Natural Park, this beach is very popular with tourists because of its fine white sand, sand dunes, and Moderate hypertrophy.

La Barrosa because of its enormous expanse, It is divided into three regions. The first is very urban, next to the promenade, and has many restaurants, beach bars and a large number of services. the The second district is somewhat quieter, Characteristic for current summer residences. The third is the so-called Novo Sancti Petri, which has a bumpy, uneven beach, but with easy access on foot, and has many hotels on the first line.

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It should be noted that many users on such portals on TripAdvisorPut this beach on it The best of Spain.

Islantilla (Huelva)

with more than a kilometer For a long time, this beach has been located between the cities of Huelva in Lepe and Isla Cristina. The water that bathes these fine golden sands, It’s kind of cold. However, Islantilla has it blue flagcertificate ‘Q’ for Tourist Quality and EcoPlayas Science, that characterize it as one of the The best beaches from Andalusia.

This beach Various beach bars Where you can taste the seafood typical of the region, among other products.

Coves of Roche (Cádiz)

Located in Conil de la Frontera, it is small, carved in Reddish slopes And with violent tides according to the winds. crescent moon Best remedy for escaping from the East days beacheswreaking havoc in Cadiz. In addition, they are huge landscape value Being located in the middle of nature.

Nudity is allowed in some of these bays, such as Tío Juan de Medina Bay, but the main problem with it is Hard arrival.

El Palmar (Cádiz)

It is famous for its waves and being one of the Surfers’ favorite destinationsEl Palmar is one of the best beaches that visitors appreciate. Limits to one side Conil and the other with Zahara de los Atunes It’s not very crowded and has Eight kilometers.

Matalascañas (Huelva)

Backed by one of the greatest natural attractions in Spain, this beach is located in the municipality of Almonte Doñana National Park. You can reach it on foot through more than Five kilometers Of the golden sands that belong to Sand dunes that cover this beach.

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The clear and warm waters that wash this land are attractions that managed to get the blue flag.

Cala d’Enmedio (Almeria)

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Located in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, this small cove is as beautiful as it gets Totally virgin by To be in a protected area (It doesn’t even have beach bars).

It is a shallow beach surrounded by white cliffs and washed by the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. in it It is recommended to wear diving goggles diving. It is also recommended Bring water, food and comfortable shoes, because access to this beach is somewhat complicated, Since after you have reached Plomo Bay by car, you will have to continue walking for a few minutes Twenty minutes Until you reach this beautiful place.

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