Historic protest by Treasury inspectors to stop Montero’s “rapid” promotions

“In defense of the public: for a qualified and non-politicized administration.” gathered behind this slogan This Wednesday, dozens of Treasury inspectors will gather at the doors of the Treasury Department To demand that Minister María Jesus Montero cancel the agreement signed with CSIF, CC.OO. and the UGT, which obliges the government to facilitate the internal promotion of civil servants from the rank and file towards the administrative range of A simple multiple-choice test And evaluate the advantages accumulated during their career, to replace the current opposition system.

The group, which has been joined in recent hours by other supreme bodies such as the state’s administrative directors – the body with which the new promotion system is being tested – will present the 1,500 signatures collected in recent days to the Maintain current bar requirements in entrance exams Higher bodies negotiate a different scheme that facilitates internal promotion without lowering existing levels of demand, which they see as a guarantee of independence and quality in the public service.

The street protest called for by the State Treasury Inspectors Association has historical overtones. Never before has the group taken to the streets to demand a change of direction from government authorities in civil service policies. They are doing so this time because they consider it necessary to express their total opposition “to some of the changes that will take place Suppose the destruction of public administration and the death of a highly qualified, independent and professional civil servant.”

bankruptcy in management

The unprecedented protest of the inspectors of the treasury and the higher organs of the state administration in general, from them He held key administrative positions for ministrieswhich threatens to prosecute not only the agreement signed by the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service with the unions of the majority in the administration but also every one of the calls raised in the various ministries, has unleashed a complete bankruptcy within the state administration.

Treasury Technicians Guild, Gestawhich for years had been striving to be equal to tax inspectors under the pretext that they essentially perform the same function, led to the reaction to public opinion of potential applicants for these outright promotional positions, which was embodied in an agreement between four of the main representative associations of the so-called A2, a type From a pre-orientation measure to management.

They deplore that the current internal promotion model requires state officials to demonstrate knowledge similar to that provided to higher bodies from outside the administration, Ignore the preparation they hold dear For his professional career in the administrative field and even for his experience in holding positions similar to those at the managerial level.

They point out that this model not only harms their careers, because when they work they have less time than those who apply from abroad to prepare for the opposition, but also conditions the proper functioning of public services, because it makes officials with knowledge and accredited experience not reach these administrative positions for the benefit of people Who come from outside management without any experience.

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