His wife exposed him

The wife of a BBC journalist accused of paying a minor for sexual images has revealed his identity: him Huw Edwardsas reported by The Guardian.

According to Vicky Flend’s statement, quoted by this British newspaper, Edwards has ‘serious mental problems’ and is currently receiving “medicare”; In fact, he said, “She’s going to stay there for a while.”

Flend’s remarks came after the Metropolitan Police stated that there was no evidence that the presenter had committed any crime of this nature, and that investigations into the case would therefore come to an end.

in the note, Flend claimed he was making these remarks in the midst of a “very difficult” few days. to the family and that she made the decision because she was “concerned” about her husband’s mental health and to “protect” her five children together.

The BBC presenter’s wife confirmed that he had “serious mental problems” and recalled that he had been treated “Because of severe depression” in recent years. He adds that the “events of the last days” have caused him to suffer “another serious episode”. Flint has stated that when he recovers, Hugh Edwards “intends to respond to stories that have been published.”.

Edwards’ wife ends up asking for it Respect family privacy and the rest of those involved. “I know Huw deeply regrets that many colleagues have been affected by recent media speculation. We hope this statement puts an end to that.”

According to The Sun newspaper broadcaster He would have paid 35,000 pounds per person whose gender is not known at the age of seventeen because of sexual images; A “potentially serious” criminal offense.

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