Herschel Walker, the anti-abortion candidate in the Senate who pushed for abortion

Donald Trump said he could get involved in the Fifth Avenue shootings in New York and that voters wouldn’t lose him. It was at the beginning of 2016, the then candidate lived connected to the scandal and won the presidential election, in a historic victory. Trump is immune to controversy – the best evidence: the attack on Capitol Hill did not undermine his power in the Republican Party – but it remains to be seen whether others have the same antibodies. It will be verified in less than a month in the legislative elections. One of those seeking a seat in the Senate is Herschel Walker, a Republican candidate for Georgia and the hero of the story of sin and redemption in the southern United States. The only thing missing was the plucking of the “steel guitar”. Walker, 60, is one of Georgia’s most famous personalities. He was a college athlete, the outstanding star of the University of Georgia football team, and the 1982 Heisman Cup winner for the nation’s best player. Later, he worked – with less brilliance – in the professional league, the NFL. Trump, a former soccer player, has been a huge supporter of him and retains Republican support. With a conservative ideology, Walker seemed an ideal candidate for the Republican Party in Georgia, where Sundays, as in many other Southern states, are dedicated to church and American football. The soccer player took his first steps in the middle of the last decade and it wasn’t long before he embraced Trump’s faith. The former president was a huge supporter of him, and as one of the few black candidates in the Republican Party, he was expected to serve the conservatives to win back this year one of their two congressional representatives, who lost in 2020, in part due to black minority mobilization. But the past got in the way of Walker. As a candidate, he advocated a ban on abortion, without exception. As a person, you seem to have seen voluntary termination of pregnancy in a better light. ‘The Daily Beast’ reported this month that Walker paid for an abortion of a woman he had an affair with in 2009. The woman contributed a check Walker sent her, a receipt for the medical procedure and a card from the former football player. I sent it after the intervention. Walker called it a “complete lie.” A few days later, The New York Times reported that Walker asked that same woman to have an abortion again two years later. She decided to have the child and denounced that Walker, who was accused of “absentee fathers” in families, did not pay attention to his offspring, he had barely seen three times and that he paid only the maintenance required by the courts. Walker had several children by different women. The eldest of them is Christian, 22, a conservative social media presence who supported him at the start of his campaign, accusing him of hypocrisy after learning of the allegations: “How dare you lie and act as if you were an upright Christian moral man.” Yesterday, the Democratic Campaign used those words in a video against Walker. Walker is now confident that his salvation – “I was saved by grace,” he says in his latest announcement – will give him a win in the polls. The first considers the episode a democratic maneuver. The latter have learned to reap the fruits of the lost sheep. The best example is, again, Trump: an unrepentant flirt, who claims to touch a woman’s genitals whenever he feels like it and in his third marriage. But they backed him in his campaign, and he delivered: He appointed conservative justices to the Supreme Court, which this summer ended constitutional protections for abortion. Walker is now confident that his salvation—”I was saved by grace,” he says in his latest declaration—will give him a win at the polls.

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