Here are 10 Father’s Day gifts that you’ll be sure to love

On March 19 or father’s day, The date indicated on the calendar for children to show their affection to their parents or to people who play this role is just around the corner. Although, at least in Spain, it is a rather strict ceremony in which time is set aside to organize a meal and to make a “small gift” for the parents.

Sometimes, the problem is that the gift in question can become a headache. The budget, tastes and almost endless possibilities complicate the decision sometimes much more.

To help you out, we’ve picked 10 Father’s Day gifts You guarantee a sure hit.

For tech lovers

If your dad loves any field related to technology or computing, here are seven very practical and useful gift ideas.

1. Wireless charger

This NORDMÄRKE model has a bamboo base that gives it a subtle, elegant style that blends perfectly with your home décor. that it Ikea Its price is reduced to 19.99 eurosAnd you can buy it through this link.

2. Wristwatch, keychain, strap set and sunglasses

The set includes an analog watch with a round face on a black background and the rest of the accessories to combine it. It is from the brand You will forget itComes packaged in a glossy gift box 40.80 euros. You can buy it through this link.

3. Multipurpose flashlight

This magnetic pickup flashlight with flexible telescopic neck is ideal for retrieval of small parts thanks to its magnets in the base and head. sold in Amazon by 14.50 euros And you can buy it through this link.

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4. Ring light and mobile support

The LÅ NESPELARE A must have for fans of videos and photos on social networks. It consists of a circular LED light and a sturdy movable stand that can be oriented and adjusted to create a video or Personal Photos excellent. that it Ikea Its price is reduced to 34.99 eurosAnd you can buy it through this link.

5. Intelligent lighting control

With the wireless dimmer you can control the light sources: turn them on and off and regulate their intensity according to your tastes and needs at all times. It’s from Ikea, it costs €8.50 and you can buy it at this link.

Customizable gifts

Giving a personal touch to a gift will make the recipient feel special and remember every time they see that you thought of them when choosing the details.

6. Mouse pad

This product is non-slip, waterproof, washable and environmentally friendly. You can include the text and image you like. It measures 30 x 25 cm and costs 10.99 euros on Amazon Through this link.

7. Silver and leather bracelet

This beautiful accessory is made of two leather strands and has a silver clasp and pieces with the names you want engraved on the boards. You can choose the color of the skin and the presence of it 24.90 euros on Amazon Through this link.

8. “Superdad” Keychain

Made of silver-plated zamak and patriotic leather, it can be personalized with the names and graphics of your choice. its price 19.90 euros And you can buy it from Amazon Through this link.

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9. Mug with a photo

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The white ceramic mug can be personalized with the image of your choice. Plus, it can be washed in the dishwasher and put in the microwave, and that costs 14.90 euros on Amazon And you can buy it through this link.

5. Customizable hammer

This tool can be customized by adding your desired phrase, making it a great gift for DIY lovers. It can be used as a decoration, but also as a regular tool, because it is forged with steel. costs 27.95 euros and buy it Amazon Through this link.

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