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The “+ Energy Security” plan presented by the third Vice President and Minister of Energy Transition and Demographic Challenge, Teresa Ribera, includes a package of ten measures, including Reduce gas consumption In Spain between 5.1% and 13.5%, greater coverage of thermal bonus and electricity bonus to consumers, lowering the bill community boilers 1.6 million homes, energy savings in management while replacing public lighting and energy services, as well as maximizing gas export infrastructure in solidarity with EU countries and anticipating future infrastructures.

Similarly, Ribera stated that they will have a system to monitor savings and efficiency measures in order to measure their impact. In addition, the new plan for the Executive Branch includes up to 73 measures Such as the extension of social electric link coverage and the term social bond and what is expected to cut the bill for 1.6 million households with community boilers during this winter. They also want to allocate 500 million euros to increase the value of Tsun eavesand energy and self-consumption societies.

Similarly, financial support is planned for the installation of renewable air conditioning systems and the introduction of systems that facilitate Distribution of costs in central heating . Specifically, the installation of smart natural gas meters will be encouraged. Something that has already been thought of in the regulations.

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Likewise, they will start Awareness campaigns For energy saving and efficiency. The savings plan will be applied to the rest of the state departments where until now it was limited to those that depend on the central government, and a program to replace public lighting will be approved. The ICO will also enable financing tools to help SMEs implement renewable energies.

Another notable measure is reinforcement with 1 billion euros From a giveaway dedicated to the Renewable Energies package and the new Decarbonization Package.

In any case, the new package of energy measures approved on Tuesday also contemplates strengthening infrastructures dedicated to exporting gas to the rest of Europe, particularly our neighbors France and Italy. In addition, it seeks to advance the implementation of the so-called Iberian hydrogen corridor.

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