Heineken will build a low-carbon fertilizer plant in Spain with a consortium of investors

Brewer Heineken You will participate in the construction of the plant Fertilizers Low Carbon with a consortium of investors, under an umbrella fertig. Founded by Heineken itself, EIT InnoEnergy, RIC Energy, Maire, Siemens Financial Services and InVivo, the company was set up on Wednesday “with the goal of driving the decarbonization of the European fertilizer industry,” they said in a statement.

Specifically, FertigHy will produce low-carbon, “affordable” fertilizers for European farmers, in direct response to recent food safety challenges in the European Union caused by supply chain disruptions and uncertainties associated with the supply of natural gas.

Within its plans, FertigHy chose Spain as the location to build and operate its first factory. Construction of the plant, the location of which will be announced in the fourth quarter, is scheduled to begin at 2025It will include an investment of 1,700 million euros and the creation of about 500 direct jobs. The company stated that the plant will produce more than one million metric tons annually of low-carbon nitrogen fertilizers from renewable electricity and green hydrogen.

“It has never been more urgent now to collectively decarbonize and restore fertilizer production. With so many factors in play in Europe in 2023, now is the time to create a more sustainable and self-sufficient industry for all. The company’s CEO said: Jose Antonio de las Heras, He has extensive experience in the fields of green hydrogen, renewable energy and natural gas.

Together with other investors, Heineken, which has set itself the goal of operating in a net-zero value chain by 2040, will stimulate demand for low-carbon fertilizers to reduce the carbon footprint of barley.

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