heat wave | 2 out of 3 dogs trapped in the trunk of a car die due to the heat wave

So It is the story of Taida. One of the three dogs that have been locked up In a car with high temperatures What do we have These last weeks in Spain. The car was parked near a restaurant in Navarre where the dogs’ owners had stopped to eat.

It was the desperate cries of the dogs that alerted those passing by The car that called the authorities. with arrival I found the authorities inside From the car to three pets inside the trunk. a room with little air, Reduced space for the three dogs and a temperature Outside the car exceeded 25 degrees.

dog owners

Dog owners were in Restaurant they eat while they leave his three dogs in an enclosed space, Without ventilation inside the car. From the account of the Civil Guard they announced the sad conclusion: “These are the consequences of leaving your pets inside the car with So high temperatures that we have.”

“despite of We couldn’t do anything for others Two dogs accompanied him, thanks to which Taida managed to survive We did oral resuscitation. Today he is recovering in the shelter. of abandoned animals Trikuhari. The three owners are being investigated for animal abuse.” The Civil Guard admitted. Two of the three dogs Locking them up ended up killing them, so they knowOnly one of them, Theda, survived.

Heatstroke recovery time for a dog

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38 or 39 degrees on average That usually keeps dogs high and their bodies low in sugar and salt. In more serious cases, the internal damage can appear in the form of bleedingkidney or liver failure, brain damage and Multiple member accesses fail.

the Recovery In cases like the one we see, which The bitch is over the shock. can go on according to severity From the same thing, even for weeksWithdrawal ability permanent consequences.

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