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Water is the essential element for human survival. It is important to use it to nourish ourselves and above all, if we expend energy on a daily basis such as at work. Despite the importance of taking it, The most important thing is to know where we are consuming it. This means that where the water comes from determines its conditions. This is the case with water coolers, where the water they provide has negative risks for those who consume it.

What are the risks of dispensers?

Drinking water from dispensers has effects that not many people know about. The mentioned dispensers are usually found in offices Offer fewer guarantees of health safety than Bottled water or tap water. According to the OCU, this water does not have the same protection as tap water.

This was proven due to the poisoning he caused. For example, in the Barcelona and Tarragona region there are already 3,300 people with an outbreak of gastroenteritis caused by a water jug ​​provided by the company. Eden Springs Spain at 925 companies. Something similar happened in the Balearic Islands when 103 people were poisoned with water supplied by a company in Catalonia in 19-litre dispensers.

The problem is that water supplied in office dispensers must meet the same regulatory requirements as bottled water. However, dispensed water has a higher risk than bottled water due to processes Handling and reuse of containers.

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In addition, another factor is that the water in these bottles does not contain disinfectants, so this could be the reason. Increases the presence of pathogenic microbes. But the thing that makes the difference is the controls that this water cooler has. absence Disinfectants and less frequent check-ups They make a difference in terms of the treatment that regular tap water receives.

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The Spanish Association of Cooling Water Distributors (ADEAC) obliges its members to carry out specific sanitary and hygienic audits annually when supplying springs and distribution depots. Some companies are committed to quality and therefore carry out a sanitation check. All these actions are carried out voluntarily and in order to implement the regulation and control of this resource.

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