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the anxiety It is one of the biggest problems that you have to deal with at least 300 million peopleIncluding children and adolescents. Despite the methods that exist to deal with this disorder, there is a solution that has been proven effective although many do not believe in it: technology. Despite the fact that many are not very supportive of new technologies, the issues with this is the fact that they can be very effective when it comes to dealing with concerns of this nature.

social networks

It has been proven that social contact is one of the best ways to combat anxiety, especially when it comes to people we trust. These social networks can act as an engine for communicate with people In the event that it is not possible to do so in person. Chats via Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook can be responsible for reducing a person’s anxiety through communication and Distract yourself with the people around you.

video game

They are designed to entertain the audience and above all, so that they escape from day to day and find a way to have fun. Although they can also help educate on certain topics, raise awareness about something or provide support on a therapeutic level. Beilun Hospital, Created by the Juegaterapia Foundation, it aims to help children undergoing cancer treatment: patients are immersed in a virtual environment that avoids them from Chemotherapy It helps them forget the pain. In the case of people with anxiety disorders, these games can also greatly affect the person’s condition.

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Mobile applications

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There are some everyday issues that can be at the root of the fears that cause this anxiety. For this reason, there is a definite Applications They are able to solve some of your problems by simply having them installed on the mobile phone. For example, in terms of family finances, you can control them through apps like “Fentonwhere you can visually learn about any supplement expenses and your true savings potential.

On the other hand, it is Google Maps It continues to top the rankings of apps to help those who feel anxious when planning a trip. What is clear is that there are many applications that have become essential to address problems that cause us anxiety.

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