He will pay the consequences of his war.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has left behind the largest crisis between the United States in modern history. On an expected state visit to Washington, Thursday, Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron promised that whatever the outcome of the conflict in Europe, they would ensure it. Vladimir Putin bears the consequences. Thus ended an angry French outburst over the White House’s maneuvers to thwart some large military contracts between France and Australia, setting off a diplomatic battle.

Indeed, Macron said on Thursday, before Biden and his government, that the Russian invasion of Ukraine means that strengthening the axis from Paris to Washington is more necessary than ever. With the return of war to European soil, and after the Russian aggression against Ukraine and in light of the many crises facing our countries and societies, we need to Be brothers in arms againMacron told Biden at the official arrival ceremony here at the White House.

Biden said in a joint news conference afterward that the partners are working on plans to hold the Russian regime accountable for the damage done to Ukraine and the rest of the world. Putin believes he can crush the will of anyone who opposes his imperial ambitions, but he attacks Civil infrastructure in Ukraine, cutting power to Europe to raise prices, exacerbating the food crisis, and this hurts very vulnerable people, not only in Ukraine but all over the world. “It won’t work,” he said. He added, “President Macron and I agreed that we will continue to work together to hold Russia accountable for its actions and mitigate the global effects of Putin’s war on the rest of the world.”

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I respect Ukraine

There was an important point in this conversation: what are the peace negotiations and what compromises can Ukraine make to end the war. Macron expressed at the press conference that the allies cannot push the Ukrainians to a settlement with Russia.unacceptable to them». “If we want a lasting peace, we have to respect the Ukrainians, and let them decide the moment and the conditions in which they will negotiate their territory and their future,” the French president added.

In recent weeks, the White House and the Pentagon have put indirect pressure on the Ukrainian president to accept a negotiation process with Moscow, but he made it a first condition. The Russian invader withdraws. However, what Biden offers regarding Ukraine has limits. In January, Republicans took over the House of Representatives, where GOP leader Kevin McCarthy said his party’s lawmakers would end Biden’s “blank check” to Ukraine. This entails intense scrutiny of military aid, based on greater fiscal responsibility.

The state dinner that Biden organized for Macron and his wife is the first of its kind in this American presidency, which will soon reach half of it. It is an important gesture for bilateral relations, just a year ago, angering France, the United States facilitated the formation of an Indo-Pacific security pact, called Aukus, under which Australia canceled a contract with France. $65,000 million To buy French diesel submarines and get other nuclear submarines from the United States, Paris learned of this change from the press causing a fire which led to the French ambassador in Washington being called to inquire. Even Donald Trump, with his constant provocations and rhetoric against European partners, has not aroused such anger in the Elysee.

Environment and China

Macron’s visit was the focal point in coordinating a response to Russia’s aggression against Europe, in the midst of Putin’s expansionist campaign. The French president maintained contacts with the Kremlin, and became primary broker Since the start of the war at the beginning of the year. Other European partners, such as Germany, have angered Washington over their continued dependence on Russian gas supplies. Partners also spoke about the environment and the rise of China in the Pacific.

The White House and the Pentagon indirectly pressured the Ukrainian president to accept a negotiation process with Moscow

Biden accompanied Macron to the Oval Office, and the two leaders held a bilateral meeting with senior officials of their governments, including those responsible for the defense, foreign affairs and economy portfolios in both powers. The decisions we make today and in the years to come will determine the course of our world. in the coming decadesBiden said at the arrival ceremony. Macron, at the start of the bilateral meeting, acknowledged that “times are tough” in Ukraine, and also suggested that he give the two countries better “synchronization” on environmental matters.

Macron was received with all honors in the courtyard of the White House, before the famous semi-circular gallery: a 21-gun salute and a parade of troops. The guides gave the guests American and French flags. As a gift, Biden gave Macron a mirror made of wood from the trees of the White House, which is an exact copy of another mirror that hangs in the West Wing, a collection of vinyl records of great American musicians and an archival replica of Thomas Edison’s patent phonograph. From 1877.

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