He is required in Congress to prevent the flight of companies that have received public funds under the law

Beldo and Unidas Podemos continue their offensive against Ferrovial, after the construction company announced at the end of February that it had moved from Spain to the Netherlands. Both formations are trying to strengthen regulations in Congress so that companies leaving Spain are penalized, thus trying to avoid new transfers like Rafael del Pino’s. In the case of the Basque separatist party, they are asking to prevent companies that have received state money from leaving Spain.

Thus, tomorrow an illegal proposal will be discussed in the House of Representatives (NLP) through which Bildoo intends to strengthen legislation “to prevent the transfer of companies that have received public funding.” The main proposed measure occurs because companies that have received money, public aid and subsidies cannot leave the country until 5 years after the last government funding received.

In the same way, they ask Bildu to prepare, develop and approve the necessary legislation so that in the event of transfer of companies, they are subject to the obligation to refinance obtained from the funds and / or public assistance granted by the various administrations in the last ten years at least, in addition to guaranteeing jobs in the case of transportation.

The pro-independence formation launches this proposal on the grounds that “public institutions are obliged to arbitrate the means of dealing with the consequences that these resettlement situations generate in our economic fabric.” He gives Ferrovial’s recent ad as an example.

Podemos Bill

From Unidas Podemos, which has been very critical of the construction company since the transition was announced, they have raised the ante and prepared a bill to prevent the exit of new companies from the Spanish economic fabric.

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Purple wing of government Requests to amend the Public Support Lawso that companies are obligated to repay the assistance received in the event that it is incurred in “the transfer of a capital firm, industry or production unit, and/or the transfer of its registered office or tax address to another country, within 10 years after the award of the support” in the event of funds served “to enhance To develop or maintain strategic activities, to achieve investments of an industrial nature, or to internationalize, improve competitiveness, digitization or in order to maintain economic activity.

In recent weeks, the attacks on Ferrovial from United have been constant. In fact, the Minister for Social Rights, Ion Pilara, urged her partners in government at the beginning of the month to force the construction company to “return every euro that the Spaniards have given them”, in line with the law proposal put forward.

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