Havertz, Nkunku, Tonali … new faces to “break” the prime minister

orAnother market window, the English Premier League is shaking up global football with signings of all kinds. This, of course, has an effect on imagination. Even more this season, MARCA has integrated European Leagues into the most innovative app on the current Fantasy Market. You’ll be able to play the Premier League…and with it, play their great deals.

Ki Havertz (Arsenal)

reborn season? After impressing in a 70 million transfer, Havertz wants to get the sensations back…in another team in London. From Chelsea to Arsenal without leaving the English capital. It’s worth 47 million (Haaland 114, to put it straight) so betting can be fun.

Sandro Tonali (Newcastle)

The most expensive Italian footballer in history (70 million) was actually worth more than he is in Fantasy… right now. It costs nearly 40 kilos in Fantasy MARCA and aims to run it all with Guimaraes. Fixed piece locks, in addition. He has a gauntlet on his right leg.

Tonali poses in Newcastle colors.

Tonali poses in Newcastle colors.NUFC.

Christopher Nkunku (Chelsea)

The “hype” with Nkunku in the prime minister is enormous. The Frenchman came from “breaking” the Bundesliga with RB Leipzig (Player of the Year two seasons ago) and Chelsea tied him for months. Not a cheap investment in Fantasy (63 kilos) but well worth it given his ability to score goals and assists.

Mason Mount (Manchester United)

Mason Mount must be signed. It cost him “only” 10m (Manchester United paid 70m for it to Chelsea) and it would be very easy for him to improve on the performance he showed at Stamford Bridge last season at Old Trafford. It’s a “win-win” guide.

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Mateo Kovacic (Manchester City)

What role Guardiola will give Mateo Kovacic is not yet clear, but with Gundogan gone he may have minutes … and it barely costs 8 million. The Croatian has been growing throughout his career, and for that price, it’s worth playing with his signature.

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Havertz, Nkunku, Tonali... new faces

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